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Smt. Pannaben Shah is an ardent meditator, a disciple of Acharyaji Dharmadhurandhra Maharaj Saheb, under whose guidance, The Mumukshu Dhyan Deep Parivar (Trust) was conceptualized six years ago. At present, she is successfully running the Parivar with support from her disciples. The main activity of Parivar is meditation. In conversation with her about her meditation ......

Question 1 - The main activity of The Mumukshu Dhyandeep Parivar is meditation, so please explain the meaning of meditation.
Answer - Meditation means to contemplate intensely on something with predetermined goal or objective.

Question 2 - What should be the goal of meditation?
Answer - Self realization

Question 3 - What is self realization?
Answer - When a disciple, detaching his self from the outer world and contemplatively meditates on Arihant Parmatma, Siddha Parmatma or his own pure soul a divine and supernatural phenomenon of thoughtless awareness (nirvikalpa) occurs where the scene and the spectator becomes one. He is in a state of enlightenment and experiences an infinite feeling of bliss joy peace happiness light in abundance.

Question 4 - Why do we need to meditate?
Answer - In today's jet set world, people are leading a very stressful life. They are tensed, depressed, self centered and have become insensitive, intolerant, temperamental, egoistic towards trivial situations. meditation is a very powerful tool to pacify one's mind. Through meditation the mind becomes calm and collected it can think optimistically, hence more creative and progressive. When the mind is at peace, it is balanced and disperse peace electrons (scientifically) in surrounding, which further expands to society, the whole country, the earth and the envelopes the entire universe in this cool current.

The physiological benefit of rhythmic breathing during meditation is, it lengthens your breathing pattern and hence your life span (number of pranas). Also, because of more oxygen intake it purifies blood and burns extra fat.

Question 5 - Variety of meditation techniques are being practiced, like Osho, art of living, Reiki, Sahaj Yoga, Anupreksha, etc. In what respect does your meditation techniques differ or resemble?
Answer - Our meditation is a concise method, comprising all the elements of meditation practiced by different streams mentioned above. But, in my opinion, any method through which, one's mind is tamed to calm alpha, beta or gamma level, which inturn result in dissolving negativity, undoing the knots of lust, prejudice, destruction and fills one heart with compassion, comradeship, love for the minuscule protozoan to the largest life in the cosmos of 84 lakhs transmigrations.

The key for correct meditation is to remain in present, live in the present d be a mute spectator, watching the real life drama around you. Spiritually speaking, to be a mute spectator means to watch without reacting to bad or good event, having neutral state of mind (Sambhava).

*Sambhava means involvement without attachment.



Question 6 - Through some light on the history of meditation.
Answer - It is difficult to date back the history of meditation which has been practiced from the time of immoral. Out spiritual ancestors, through their experience have ascertained transcendental meditation as the only and ultimate medium for self realization. In their words, meditation burns off the deeds (karma) accumulated over a period of inumerable rebirths, like a small sprk of fire destroys a whole stock of hay in fractions of a second. If we go by the study of holy scriptures (Agamas) the penance practiced fro emancipation by our Tirthankaras Rishabhdev, Shantinathji, and others, they all walked the same path of meditation.

Lord Mahavir, meditated for 12 and half years, observing sever austerities which culminated in self enlightenment, throws an obvious light on his tremendous endurance. But the core source of this endurance is his total and 100% engrossment, inclination and insight directed to his soul. Had he not been in the state of the oneness of scene -spectator, it could not have been possible to tolerate the agonizing pain of piercing ears by hot iron rods.

Question 7 - In what way your meditation center project be instrumental for bringing revolution in society?
Answer - The very essence of our meditation project is to bring world peace by imparting thorough and systemic knowledge of techniques and nuances of meditation for all ages, irrespective of their religious background, cast or creed. How to divert oneself from the virtual materialistic self centeredness to witness the realistic self center - The existence of very being - The soul - The flame - The "I' - The source of divine power will be the main curriculum. Following the same path of transcendental mediation, severe austerities, observing penance, taken by our Tirthankaras, but, with a practical and contemporary approach by tackling daily life situations with calm frame of mind, controlled emotions, endurance and balancing the intelligent mind with compassion of soul.

Question 8 - What is the difference between Religion and Meditation?
Answer - Religion is the destination (pure soul) and meditation is the path to reach that destination.

Question 9 - Is it possible to get information about your past and future birth through meditation?
Answer - Meditation is self purification process. At present, our soul is covered heavily by thick layers of past, good and bad deeds (karma). As we tread the path of meditation, gradually the layers of karmas (deeds) start to erode and partially purifies our soul. Subsequently making knowledge clearer, powerful, which could pierce through the obstacles of deeds and get the information about your past and future. It is similar to removing dirt from over the coated mirror, making it more and more bless their deserving disciples by revealing their past and future births.


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