Shri Sukh Lal Jain
Born: 8th December, 1908 - Left for Heavenly Abode: 30th May, 1994

This web portal is respectfully dedicated to Shri Sukh Lal Jain, father of Shri Prakash Lall Jain, in memory of his lofty ideals of equanimity, amity, fidelity and liberation, modest efforts have been made to prepare and present this programme for world wide hosting. Shri Sukh Lal was a true devotee and aspirant of Lord Mahavir, striving to follow strictly the religious principles laid down by Him. Apart from the worldly chores which could not be ignored, he devoted his entire life to serve the humanity through promotion of principles of Jainism, which, according to him, applied to one and all.

He strongly believed in self-introspection, self-purification, austerity, abstinence and compassion and led a simple, blissful and virtuous life aiming to get relieved from delusion, attachment and possessiveness. He had deep respect for all sects and the saints belonging to them and attended their discourses regularly. Study of religious literature in Hindi, Gujarati and Sanskrit was his main interest in leisure time and inspite of his failing eye-sight, he did not leave this habit up to the last. The poem writte by Kabir truly applied to him:

रात के इस सधन अन्धेरे स

कबीर खड़ा बजार में सब की मांगे खैर,
ना कहू से दोस्ती, ना काहू से बैर

He often acted as a lamp, showing the path of righteousness, right faith and right conduct to all. In the words of Smt. Mahadevi Verma :

रात के इस सधन अन्धेरे से
जूझता है सूर्य नहीं, जुझते हैं दिपक!

We pray that he may keep on showing the light from his abode enabling us to fulfil his wishes.




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