Scientific Interpretation of Karma Sidhanta



By Prof. Rajmal Jain, ( PRL, Ahmedabad)


Abstract : Initially, we briefly define the Karma Sidhanta that described in Jainism. Based on the fact that Karmanu (perhaps the smallest particle in the universe) is a physical entity, which form the Karma-Vargana, we propose a model for interpretation of transformation of energy, instantaneously and/or slowly, from Karma-Vargana to Atma - Pradesh. We begin with the fact that the whole universe is fully packed with the 23 varganas, and each vargana is different in nature / property with the other. The nature / property of a given vargana. In our model, it is proposed that the resultant Karm-bandh or Karm-nirjara depends upon the manliness (acts being done in current period) through physical processes such as - Maan (Bhaav - thoughts), Vachana (speech - acoustic) and Kayya (body - physical). The response of Karm-bandh or Karm - nirjara depends upon the four operators that work on the matrix over 23 varganas. The operators are - nature, section, intensity and region for a given type of act. We believe that transformation of energy (binding or releasing) is through continuous interaction/collisions of the Karmanus with Karmic body, however through physical body and its content of macroscopic to macroscopic size.

Holding grand virtues, when the mind is liberated of wealth and lust, and is engrossed in religious activities, then you experience supreme happiness.

When your mind is detached from sensual and angry temperaments and becomes virtuous and peaceful like a calm ocean, then you experience supreme happiness.



Source : Jain Doctors'  International Conference - 2004
Shree Mahavir Jain Aradhana Kendra- Koba
Gandhinagar, Gujarat


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