Relevance of Jain Principles in Naturopathy

By Dr. Raksha J. Shah

The sole aim of presenting this paper at the Conference is to highlight the principles of Jainism and Naturopathy and show how a healthy body can go a long way to free the soul from karmas and achieve eternal bliss. Although it is not very easy to be an Arihanta, it is not an impossible task either. If the proper path of living is followed, the birth in the human realm could definitely prove to be more precious and purposeful. Our body is an instrument that helps us in the stoppage and shedding of karmas, hence each one of us must thrive to keep it hale and hearty and free from diseases.

Whereas, several branches of medicine like Allopathy, Ayurveda and Homoeopathy help in curing diseases by administering different types of drugs, Naturopathy the drugless therapy rather deals with the 'Prevention' of the disease as per the natural laws pronounced in the scriptures. "It is the science of natural hygiene that seek to restore health, that has been lost due to ignorance and negligence". This ancient traditional system was adopted by our forefathers thousands of years back. The harmless, drug less therapy advocates simple dietary measures which exhibit no side-effects whatsoever.. Moreover, natural means like, Mud-therapy, Hydrotherapy, Sun-Cure, Pranayam are advocated to the patients.

In my paper, I have tried to show how the principles of Naturopathy run parallel to the principles of Jain.ism and prove to be useful to maintain a healthy body that nurtures the mind and leads to healthy thinking, which in turn forms the basis of shedding karmas and attain eternal bliss.

Many of our ancient Acharyas and legends like Shrimad Rajchandra" Veerchand Raghavji Gandhi and Mahatma Gandhi have lived in accordance with these principles and successfully accomplished their goal. We therefore need to rekindle the physical and spiritual forces within us with all earnestness and thrive to realize our objective before it is too late.

When the stability of the mind is such that all the water like worldly elements do not influence the lotus like mind, then, you experience supreme happiness.



Source : Jain Doctors'  International Conference - 2004
Shree Mahavir Jain Aradhana Kendra - Koba
Gandhinagar, Gujarat


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