Navel is Base of Life



By Mr. Chanchal Mal Chordia


Navel is the centre of life forces. Even at the time of death when heart beats stop these forces remain in Navel for few minutes and if Navel is activated properly man can be survived again. By proper maintaining and regulating energy at Navel, we can remain in state of health and harmony.

Navel plays most important role in development of body from the very beginning of life even at the stage of embryo. Body is nourished from Navel energy and also get rid of its waste through this womb. It also transform, stores and receive external energy.

The Navel plays centre balances all forces and is the centre of physical gravity while sitting, standing, walking, running or in any other posture. It can be considered as center of life and plays most important part in the harmony of body, mind and soul. 

Since body is a continuous process of energy becoming matter and matter dissolving into energy again. In religious belief it is known as spiritual soul and material body. Therefore, it is necessary to know, how to maintain and care for the spiritual or invisible energies which help to weave off or dissolve the needed tissues and cause the flow or stagnation in body.

Navel acts like a storage battery. From here life forces travel to mind through heart via solar plexus. From mind these vital forces are distributed in all parts of body through central nervous system. Since life is motion and stagnation is death. These life forces are always revolving, condensing and can go anywhere in the body as per our wish and help us to live and love. Thus Navel control and regulate all our physical, mental and spiritual activities. If it is not balanced and regulated properly it can get out of control and damage the body causing illness.

The reason of unbalances are formation of knots, lumps, scar, tangles, fibroid, fats, swelling tumour etc. in Navel area.

Since around the navel muscles & organs are at the deeper level therefore if pressure is given near the Navel point it can bypass the muscle, fat, intestines & get in touch with lymphatic, circulating & the nervous systems, which got blocked causing accumulation of toxins & waste material. If lymph nodes clot up it reduces body immune system. If circulating system tangles or clots up with fats & sediments, the blood will not circulate properly. If the nervous system tangles together, the nerve impulses will travel very slowly in the whole system or become jammed. Blocking of life forces will develop tumors & restrict growth. Detoxification always comes first because the skin, organs & lymphs glands will not work efficiently.

Blockage, congestion or stagnation restricting life forces to flow freely & forcibly to other vital-organs. This can be avoided only if Navel area is maintained full of life forces free from any kind of obstructions, resulting good health & longevity.

Healthy Navel should look round, centered, symmetrical. The skin around Navel must be even and free from tensions in the muscles. It should be firm springy, neither hard and tight nor soft and weak. Therefore, Navel centering and balancing is the most comprehensive approach for energizing, strengthening and detoxifying the internal system of body. It also clears negative influences, emotions and is particularly useful in relieving intestinal blockages, cramps, knots, poor blood circulation and many other problems which may need ultimately surgery.

Once the centre at the Navel is activated and freed, the organs are detoxified. The process of healing can be completed by body itself through its own discipline. The main object of Navel treatment is to keep organs free of emotional and environmental tensions or toxins to maintain smooth and abundant flow of the acquired and balanced energies throughout the body.

Examination of Navel 
The Navel can be imagined similar to a funnel having three parts--(1) Rim, (2) Side Walls and (3) Bottom.

The Navel should be round, centered and symmetrical. It should be firm and springy neither hard and tight nor soft and weak. The side walls should be symmetrical. The bottom should be in the centre or rim.

But when we become ill the rim does not remain round and centre is displaced. The side walls and rim may become puffy, curved, high or pulled in one or more direction. It may be vertical horizontal diagonal, collapsed, blown out, turned clockwise or counter clockwise. The shape of the Navel reflects all the imbalances & the direction from which imbalance is coming.

Different Navel Pulls and their Effects
Pulling distorts the body's centre and first to be influences due to this Navel centre. When life forces centre is displaced along with physical body centre imbalance in organs and emotional systems are created.

Organs in the direction in which Navel is pulled become overactive where as organs opposite to that direction become under active. Thus disturbing the flow of bio energy causing various problems in those relative organs.

Balancing of Navel 
Most essential thing for removing blockages in Navel area is to practice deep abdominal breathing i.e. while taking breath Navel must come forward. This will help to release the muscles. Abdominal exercise also helps in activating navel areas.

A number of methods in India are adopted for balancing Navel centre. All these methods are suitable only with empty stomach. Most convenient, simple and effective method is to lay down the person whose Navel is to be corrected. Message near the Navel area very lightly so as to loosen knots or tangles and any other obstruction if any for 10 to 20 times clockwise as well as anticlockwise. Put a coin on the Navel and over it put a "Deepak" or candle, cover it with glass by pressing it clockwise and anticlockwise. By massaging the skin lightly & stimulating its surface, deep pressure & toxicity from all parts of body draw towards surface of body where it is easier to reach & breakdown the same. The longer we work on skin, it is easier to work deeper later. If the abdomen is tense, hard, hot only counter clockwise massage will be better but if it is cold, soft, weak or sick clockwise stimulation give better result. When oxygen inside the glass is consumed vacuum is created and glass stick to Navel area. When Navel centre come to correct position glass is removed automatically. If glass is not removed even after sufficient time press near the boundary of glass so air will enter and glass will be removed and go on repeating same process on next day till the time glass does not stick after putting off the lamp. After that patient has to sit down and ask him to eat something which is easily digestable.

Thus by Navel balancing i.e. bringing it to center flow of life forces improved and most of the diseases can be cured and good harmony between body, mind and spirit is established and therefore Navel forces can be considered as "Base of Life".



Author : Mr. Chanchal Mal Chordla, Chordia Bhawan, Jalori Gate, Jodhpur, Rajasthan-342003


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