Tiwai Hill, Village Darakwadi, Chaskaman, Wada Road, Khed, Pune, Maharashtra-410513, India.
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In today's modern world the pace of life's journey is becoming increasingly uncertain and frenzied. There fewer opportunities to rest and reflect. To reveal our own inner beauty a special education is required, directed towards raising not the quantity of goods that we need, but the quality of life that we lead. We need to learn techniques for making our lives and relationships more meaningful and more satisfying, both for ourselves and for our loved ones.

Navalveerayatan offers us the opportunity to acquire these qualities by learning the true art of living

Located in a pollution-free, clean environment, atop a beautiful hill, Navalveerayatan is a unique experience. Sixty kilometers from Pune in Maharashtra state, Navalveerayatan is an extraordinary center for imparting spiritual and cultural education for all castes and faiths.

Navalveerayatan runs residential courses of various durations-from one day to three months. These courses intend to develop the body, mind and soul of the participants using different modern techniques of instruction, workshops and discussions. Run by a group of Jain sadhvis, Navalveerayatan focuses on self-understanding and inner peace. Navalvaeerayatan runs a special one month course for young women. This special course comprises of spiritual, cultural and moral education for the participants.

Navalveerayatan provides nutritious meals and comfortable accommodation. An ultra-modern training facility, open air spacious playground beautiful nature spots for meditation and a cultural hall for music and art make Navalveerayatan courses complete. The courses at Navalveerayatan cater to almost all age groups, education levels, families and linguistic differences.

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  • Tiwai Hill, Village Darakwadi, Chaskaman, Wada RoadKhed, Pune, Maharashtra-410513, India. Tele : 0091-213584276, E-Mail : navalveerayatan@vsnl.net, Website : www.navalveerayatan.org

  • Pune Contact : Navalveerayatan, Firodia Hostel Building, 844, BMCC Road, Near BMCC College, Shivajinagar, Pune, Maharashtra-411004, India, Tele : 0091-020-5671088, Fax : 0991-020-5671088.



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