Other Jain Tirth

U. K.


Mahavir Foundation - Kenton (Harrow)
Mahavir Foundation already has a Ghar-Derasar in Kenton, Harrow area. This is very popular.The Mul-nayak is Mahavir Swami. The other murtis are : Parshvanath Bhagvan, Aadinath Bhagvan, Manibhadra Dada and Padmavati Mataji. There is special room for the devotees of Shrimad Rajchandra.

Mahavir Foundation has also purchased a land in Harrow  to build a proper temple there.
Once the plans are approved, Mahavir Foundation will build a temple/Centre to allow for worships by all the sects within Jainism.

Digambar Temple - Harrow
There is a medium size but very beautiful Digambar Temple in Harrow.  The main idol will be installed here shortly. It has quotations from Digambar Shastras inscribed on the walls.

Temple - Leeds
Leeds is some 300 miles from London. There is a Hindu temple here but a special small ‘Jain Temple’ has been done in the same building.

Jain Samaj Temple - Manchester
Jain Samaj Manchester has a big building for their social and cultural needs. They are building a small but beautiful temple within this main building. It is not ready yet.



Information Courtesy : Dr. Vinod Kapashi, E-Mail : vinodkapashi@thefreeinternet.co.uk


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