Jain Religion & Science



By Dr. Sudhir V. Shah, M.D., D.M.


Jain Philosophy is oldest of all philosophies, older than Vedanta and Buddhism. It is a complete philosophy and it offers perfect knowledge, way of life and Ethics, precise steps of liberation. It has a classic karmic theory and its own philosophic theory of relativity. It has looked upon ecology balance and by following Jain doctrines world peace can be achieved. Science is just one part of Jain religion.

If we take science, then right from mathematics to astronomy, from atomic science to bilogical sciences, from laws of motion to speed of particles, from psychology to detailed division of living beings, We will find every thing depicted in Jain Religion and philosophy. The height is that the language is of a religion, but the knowledge is of pure science. Science applied for liberation of a human being.

If we take example of atomic science then formation of matter, concept of universal matter, atomic fusion, integration and disintegration of matter, constancy and transformability of objects -all high principles of atomic science -: physics are discussed. The concepts of subatomic particles, which is the latest boasting of physics; were all depicted in the texts of Jain Religion.

Surprisingly, the most basic and vital theories of modern science, physics in particular are depicted in Jain philosophy in short verses. The principles of reality, constancy of mass, laws of entropy, laws of motion and inertia, quantum theory, relativity theory, laws of energy, telepathy, teleporting, propertites of sound, power of mind all are wonderfully discussed in an eloquent manner with applications of them for uplift of mankind and finally sublimation of souls.

We as doctors, are concerned with health.

1. The rituals of Jain religion, particularly the Vows of Shravak-Shravika and Sadhu-Sadhvi
2. The six Avashyak (mandatory) Kriya (rituals)
3. The laws of food and eating habits
4. The penace of Jain religion
5. The Bhavanas-attitudes laid down in philosophy are all promoting positive health, physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health
6. Let us all relearn what has been given to us as invaluable heir, let us be proud
of it, but more than than let us do further research and apply for human and animal welfare, world peace and self liberation. There are many things mentioned in our texts, which is still utterly unknown or illunderstood at the best to modern science. Let us focus our research on these things and bring the attention of the world. All these will be briefly covered in the talk.



Source : Jain Doctors' International Conference-2004
Shree Mahavir Jain Aradhana Kendra- Koba
Gandhinagar, Gujarat


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