Incurable Diseases Cured By Spiritual Treatment

Mr. P. L. Jain



Spiritualism has been used for obtaining mental peace and tranquility, preventing evil thoughts and ensuring healthy life. Spiritual practices, yoga and meditation are now being increasingly accepted as techniques for preventing physical illnesses and for leading tension-free and healthy life. Spiritual practices have however not been accepted as scientific techniques for curing human diseases, unlike allopathy, ayurveda, homeopathy etc. Jain Agams do mention about treatment of all sorts of ailments with the help of spiritual applications, fasting, yoga and meditation. For example, 'Acharang Sutra' in its first skandh, fourth Uddeshak, describe the use of meditation, spiritualism and yogic exercises for curing chronic diseases and physical infirmities. The universally accepted "Navakar Mantra" itself has been used as a powerful tool for eradicating all types of ailments, worries and tension from the mind. "Aiso panch namukkaro, Savv Paav Panasano", meaning that these above-mentioned five entities, if recited with full concentration and faith would enable one to get rid of all the sins committed by him, which could be the cause of diseases.

One of the highly dedicated devotee, Shri Labh Chand Jain, residing in Jodhpur and just about to reach 60 years, is a brilliant example of a spiritualist, who has been able to invoke the Almighty and draw strength (energy) from Him in order to pass it on to the suffering patients and cure them from their sufferings. He He had drawn the inspiration and guidance for carrying out spiritual endeavors from two Shwetambar Jain saints, Swami Shri Brij Lal Ji Maharaj and Yuyacharya Shri Madhukar Muni Ji, both of them, disciples of Acharya Shri Jai Mal Ji maharaj. The motivating force behind him, which drove him to take up the difficult path of 'spiritualism for healing purpose', was his son, who had been suffering from frequently occurring fits and convulsions for a long time. When he did not respond to any medical treatment, his father was advised by his guru to commence meditation reciting Navakar mantra. To his utter surprise, the boy responded favorably and was soon cured. This miracle inspired him to take up the true path of spiritualism, studied various scriptures, under the guidance of both the saints and then started practicing, what he had acquired to heal all types of patients, suffering from incurable diseases, often in advanced stages, such as Cancer, Diabetes, Fits, Convulsions, Paralysis, Cardiac problems, Kidney problems, cerebral problems, diseases of knee joints, lumber pains and others. He has been practicing spiritualism at Jodhpur for the last 25 years, with high degree of success. Hundreds of persons have been benefited by his miraculous therapy, which needs no medicines, no expenses and no precautions, except that he has to lead simple life, observe self control (Sayyam) and take vegetarian meals.

His procedure for healing consists of recitation of navakar mantra and performing ‘dhyan’ in order to draw energy in the form of electro-magnetic waves or spiritual vibrations and store them in his body. Then he starts healing each patient one by one, disbursing the stored energy by way of messaging with pure butter oil (ghee) and wrapping the affected part with cotton and bandage. The process is to be repeated every day till the patient finds sufficient relief. The period required to get cured may vary from few minutes to few weeks or even few months, depending on the nature of disease and how chronic the ailment is. For patients staying far away, he calls them for a few days and then subsequently, the energy in the form of spiritual vibrations is transmitted to the patient, wherever he is. The entire process of spiritual treatment, as developed by him, is a combination of reiki, telepathy, 'nadi vigyan' and meditation. His daily routine includes performing meditation in the early morning to collect energy, observing religious rituals, attending to sick saints and sadhwi in the town, looking after his professional work as a house-holder and attending to patients late in the evening for 4 to 5 hours every day.

He would be happy to attend to any queries or enquiries. (Mobile No. 093142 13109).



The above article is based on a personal interview of Shri Labh Chand Jain conducted by the author & the feedback from other chronic patients.
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