The mind is under terrible stress in today's life. We have to reduce this tension to live a happier life. This mental tension is the worst curse of our century.

Tulsidas has said, "don't sit where someone is likely to ask you to get up". If you ponder over this line, it may help you reduce your own tensions. Let's not do anything which gives birth birth to bad feelings. Today we find that even a baby feels stressed because he is tense-tense, because he does not get what he wants. The babe's tension makes the mother tense, since his refusing to take milk interferes with the other work that the mother has.

Tension Eats Up Peace : This short wore 'tension' or stress eats into our personal, familial, spiritual, social, mental and national peace. In our body made of five elements, we have a cobweb of nerves, veins, muscles and what not! Whenever this cobweb is pulled tight our mental and physical balance is affected. This is what we call hypertension. Where does this tension comes from? When we analyse this question we find that misunderstanding is its mother and discontent is its father. If we remove the i from the word 'tension.' it becomes amusingly 'ten+son,'. One who had ten heads was the wicked king Ravana. If you have 'ten sons,' no wonder you are tense. These ten sons are : property, possession, silver, gold, wealth, money, servants, maids, clothing and utensils.

Tension Puts Us On a Bed of Arrows : When you have so many sons to take care of, surely it will be a mess. If something happens to one, the other will be affected. If one is hurt, another sill feel angry. In day to day life we find that man quarrels over every inch of space. We all know Duryodhana's story. He was unwilling to part with even a pin-point. His avarice made him ignore his supreme counselor, Vidur's advice. His avarice ultimately resulted in the grandsire. Bhishma's lying on an arrow-bed. His avarice made him reject the peace proposal brought personally by Sri Krishna. Not only this, the avarice of Duryodhana made a brother kill his brother Karan. It disallowed any reconciliation between the two. The entire royal family, the city of Hastinapur and family friends like Drupad, all remained in fray due to Duryodhana's greed. With their mother Kunti and wife Draupadi, the Pandavas roamed the jungles like nomads. They had to work as servants in King Virat's court. And finally, the great war took place in which milllions lost their lives.

Look Inside : If you have property plus nine other sons like wealth and possessions, can you escape tension? If this was all may be  we could find a solution, but move closer- the other family members in the inner courtyard have their own plans. Ten more sons of second category are seething there. They are : pride, anxiety, restlessness, selfishness, failure, ambition, expectation, fear, worry, and backbiting.

Distrust or anxiety is the blue-eyed boy of tension. Remember  Aurangzeb? He refused to shave because he did not trust any of the barbers. He was ever anxious that someone may slit his throat. He did not allow his wife and daughter to speak to any one. He was always anxious that the women might become enamoured of some one. Anxiety, dear Reader, has no cure. Everyone was afraid of Aurangzeb. His kingdom was destroyed because of the enemies born of Aurangzeb's anxiety and distrust.

Desire for Fame Causes Tension : When you lust after too much fame you invite stress. It kills you originality, and falsehood takes over. There is no room for peace after that. Even hope departs. Your natural behavior gets affected, you begin to look mournful even though no one is dead. In this short life of ours, our lusts and desires are endless! Even an ordinary human being wants to get introduced to the Prime Minister, President or other important people in the country. Such desires kill you slowly. Your double standards bring you tension. When your outer life is something different, how can there be any peace? There are two reasons for having double standards : arrogance and greed. The two smile cruelly at you all day long and walk on your two sides like the very messengers of death. I now tell you the story of someone who was so deeply nurtured by greed and arrogance, that not only was his own life sick, but also the life of his entire nations was made sick.

Once upon a time there was a king whose arrogance and greed was such that he offended everyone. He considered himself the best ruler in the world. His subjects were dirt to him. Whenever he received an invitation to an auspicious occasion, irrespective of the religious origin of the family, he sent his shoes as guests. The entire kingdom was angry but they could not protest. They were like caged lions-their noise was just noise. Yet everyone was anxious o teach the king a lesson. The day finally arrive.

The king invited all his subjects to his son's wedding. People consulted each other. They felt they could not bear insults any longer. So they decided, let there be 'tit for tat'; they decided to let the king know how hurt they were and how tense. They collected their shoes and sent them to the king. They sent a message too, "Sir, we are sorry but we are busy. The shoes represent us." The king learnt a lesson. His pride melted like ice. His people were happy after that. Arrogance is the constant mate to conflict. Whenever we are tense, it is because of arrogance, discontent and selfishness. These three sow the seeds of tension which grow to be conflicts of various kinds. So follow peace, not conflict; follow contentment not discontent; follow humility and not arrogance; and your tension will disappear instantly.

The Way to Dispel Tension : Kayotsarg Dive Up Self : There is no other way to be rid of tension-except through Kayotsarg. The word means 'to give up self and envy'. When you become selfless, the entire mountain of physical expectations dissolves. You have no complaints against any one and all your enmities come to and end. Arrogance, anger desire and lust all wither away like leaves in the fall season. There is utter peace within, and you learn to laugh freely. Today man has forgotten how to cry or laugh. Our smiles have been snatched away from us.

When you are without self, you lose all superficiality. Your life  force becomes internal, like water in earth. Attachments, envy, love pride, selfishness, lust, anger, greed, and hatred create foul air inside our bodies. By being selfless we pump it out. Our body then receives clean air and oxygen. No tension comes nears us. Tension is an open invitation to disease. Therefore, save your family. Do not give them a diet of tension. Tension produces hormones which enter our digestive system. They affect our blood and make us irritable.

If a woman cooks in a hurry and is tense while cooking, her tension will affect the food and those who eat it. The family will be so deeply affected by this that there will be no way to stop them from feeling tense. Hypertension affects us in several ways: first of all we lose hunger, and the sleep. Finally, high blood pressure and heart ailments come to us. Just think-tension is the single factor responsible for this disaster in our lives!

Recently the scientist at  Crips Research Institute have come up with some new facts. They have discovered that the brain of a hyper tense man releases certain toxins; because of these he loses hunger and sleep. The heartbeat increases as a result. The neuropeptides released by hypertension are due to carticotopine factor.

Scientists believe that CRF is responsible for reducing or killing our hunger. The neuropeptide CRF befriends CRF1 and CRF2 in our brain.CRF2 induces hunger. George Kube of Crips Research Institute, California, has worked extensively on a neuropeptide called Urocartine. The discovery was made only last year. George Kube maintains that urocartine is attracted more to CRF2 than to CRF1. Thus while CRF befriends CRF1, urocartine ignores that part of the brain. Yet urocartine is in plenty where there is CRF2.The scientists fed by CRF, urocartine ignores that part of the brain. The scientists fed these neuropeptides to mice; they found that when excited by CRF, urocartine killed their hunger for nearly six hours.

Both urocartine and other neuropeptides are under constant investigation. Doctors are considering the use of urocartine in treating Anorexia (Nervosa) and Bulimia.

Finally I wish to say that to have peace you must live a tension free life. Cook and eat food with love, serve it with care and desire to feed. Reduce your attachment to the ten sons of  land , property etc., which cause tension. Get rid of the ten attendants of distrust, arrogance, restlessness, greed etc. Go, seek company of the saintly to be free of tensions. Peace be to all!



From : Inner Light, By Upadhyaya Gupisagar Muni


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