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Now, you can get prescriptions and obtain Ayurvedic treatment for your health problems right from the Internet, without referring to any doctors or vaidyas. Probably, the first web site on Ayurveda has been recently launched by Dr. Avdhesh Mishra and Dr. A. K. Singh. Dr. Mishra is a well-known authority on Ayurveda and has been practising for the last 35 years. This portal gives detailed information on all aspects of Ayurvedic science, diagnosis of ailments, treatment and findings of new researches.

Cancer attack on consuming Gutka for 4 to 5 years.
There is a high probability of Cancer within a short period of 4 to 5 years who consumw Gutka on a regular basis. According to Dr. Kamal Sahni, Cancer Specialist and Director of the J.K. Cancer Institute, Kanpur, any person taking 4 to 5 pouches of Gutka daily is highly prone to Cancer as compared to the chances of cancer attack from the use of ordinary tobacco or beetle. In the latter case, it may take 20 to 25 years to develop Cancer but Gutka which contains Gambiar will show its effect in only 4 to 5 years. She has reported that the number of Cancer patients, coming to her hospital for treatment of mouth Cancer, who had been taking large quantities of Gutka earlier, has been very large. In case of these patients, either their cheeks are damaged or their jaws do not open fully. The percentage of patients admitted for mouth cancer has risen from 23% in the year 1995 to 26% in the year 1999. Most of these patients come from eastern part of Uttar Pradesh, where popularity of Gutka has considerably increased in the last few years. Women also have not lagged behind in this habit.

High incidence of Diabetes in babies born from aged mothers
Latest researches in the incidence of Diabetes have revealed that mothers who become pregnant at a late stage are much more prone to give birth to babies, suffering from Diabetes than those who give birth in early years. According to a report published in the British medical Journal, a renowned research magazine, the first baby born to such mothers has greater risk of contracting Diabetes but the chances get reduced after every delivery by 15%. A team of doctors, headed by Dr. Edwin Gailey at the South-mid Hospital in Bristol have observed during their research studies that as the age of pregnancy increases by 5 years, the chances of Diabetes increase by 25%. Thus, the probability of giving birth to babies having Diabetes in ladies  having 45 years age is three times of those who are 20 years old. The age of husband is also a contributing factor but to a much lesser extent. Dr. A. K. Jhingan of the Delhi Diabetes Research Centre has also reported that in our country, out of every 1000 births, 2 children are born having Diabetes. The attack of Diabetes is often sudden, and is indicated by excessive thirst, increased hunger, reducing weight and frequent tendency to pass urine. If proper treatment is given at the very early stage of the attack, the cure becomes easy. Unfortunately, in many cases the problem is detected only when the child becomes unconscious or is attacked by some infectious disease.

Every soft drink is a poison
Do you know that any soft drink which you take, contains constituents harmful to your health, which may produce dangerous effects in the course of time. These substances are, Carbon Di oxide (which we exhale from our body), Methyl Benzene and Caffeine(which produce addictive tendency), Potassium Sulphate, Phosphoric Acid and Sodium Benzite (which dissolve the enamel of the teeth and bones) and Lead Acetate (which harms kidneys and nerves). The Consumer Education and research at Ahmedabad have conducted extensive research on this subject and have reported that none of these chemical compounds are of any use to the human body but rather they are highly deleterious and are in fact poisonous. The report goes on to show that the pH value of a cold drink is 2.5 as against 7.0 of normal drinking water, which is enough proof of its being acidic in nature. For these very reasons, a ban has been imposed on the use of these drinks in countries like France and Belgium. It is surprising that presently, the soft drink bottles  do not even show the expiry date and the constituents of the product, which are not only essential but legally compulsory in every food item. THUS, LEAVE PEPSI, 7-UP, LIMCA, SPRINT, THUMS-UP MIRINDA AND CRUSH. DRINK MILK, LASSI, FRUIT JUICES, LEMON WATER, JAL JEERA, BUTTER MILK, COCONUT WATER, CANE JUICE, KERI WATER AND SHARBAT (SQUASH).

Are the sweets you take vegetarian or non-vegetarian?
On every auspicious , religious or happy occasion, we have the tradition of obtaining sweets from the market and send sweets packets to relatives and friends. But many of those who proclaim to be pure vegetarian and who do not even touch eggs or meat, donot realise that the sweets itself could be far from being vegetarian, if it contains a layer of silver foil, called ‘varak’ . It has been shown time and again through articles in magazines, T. V. programmes and other media that silver foil is prepared using most merciless technique involving killing of hundreds of live animals, including cows, calves, camels and oxen. Fresh skin is removed from live cows or other animals and then its intestines are removed for the purpose of producing silver foils. These intestines in tube form are 35 feet long and have 3 feet diameter. These are cut into rectangular pieces of 9 inch X 11 inch size and are immediately sold to varak-makers, who use them as flat dies for producing foil out of flat silver pieces by hammering process. On repeated hammering, silver piece is compressed and gradually takes the shape of foil. These foils are then cut to size, packed in paper and sold in the market. Obviously, the foils do pick up small traces of flesh from the intestine pieces during hammering. Apart from that, one can well imagine the number of dumb animals killed to produce the foils and the amount of sin committed in the process.

Some people who have commercial interest, assert and argue that varaks are no more produced now with the help of animals’ intestines but rather made in machines using metallic dies. This is a totally false propaganda to avoid collapse of their business. It is just not possible to produce foils of such fine thickness in metallic dies as the foil will get torn much before it is produced during hammering. It is only due to the unique properties of elasticity, plasticity and softness present in freshly obtained intestine pieces (usable only till it is fresh) that silver can be expanded and converted into a foil without its getting torn or burst.

It is most shocking to note that people who claim to be vegetarian, particularly Jains, consume sweets containing varak in maximum quantity. Even the place like Ahemedabad, where the largest number of Jains live, has the ill-reputation of having maximum number of butcher houses in the country and where largest quantity of varak is produced and the trade flourishes inspite of all the slump in the market Statistics show that every year 285 tons of varak is produced in the country for which 5,76,000 cows, calves and other animals are butchered. Is it not a shocking story? Ponder over it and take a pledge not to eat or offer anyone such sweets which contain varak over it. Only then you can call yourself a true follower of Lord Mahavir.



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