Follow Jainism To A Healthy Heart



By Dr. Anil Jain
Consultant Cardiac Surgeon
Sterling Hospital, Ahmedabad


Jainism is one of the oldest and greatest religions in the world. Principles of this religion lead us to a path of salvation of the soul from the cycle of life and death; Moksha.

This religion is essentially based on scientific principles. These principles are designed so that followers of this religion have a healthy heart in a healthy body.

The leading health problem in India by 2020 will be heart disease. In fact Who has stated that 50% of all heart disease patients in the world will be Indians.

So can following Jainism Principles help us prevent heart disease? Yes, It can.

Jainism advocates very strict food habits, fasting and "Tyag" of some food products, which helps in controlling body cholesterol.

Praying, meditation and Darshan, Pooja, Prayer, Samayik & Pratikraman is a very essential and basic tenet of this religion, which helps in reducing day to day stress.

Avoiding transport systems and walking to go from one place to the other place, is the best possible form of exercise. This again is advocated in Jainism.

Similarly most of the principles preached by this religion help us live a health~ life and this too with a healthy heart.

Intellect is prepared to fight with unhappiness. Faith is ready to accept unhappiness gladly.

Intellect is interested in acquisition. Faith is interested in contribution.



Source : Jain Doctors'  International Conference-2004
Shree Mahavir Jain Aradhana Kendra- Koba
Gandhinagar, Gujarat


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