Life Style and Dietary Style in Coronary Artery Disease With Special Reference to Principles of Jainsim


By: Prof. J. P. Sethi

Paper presented at 2nd All India Jain Doctors Conference - 2003 at Sri Mahavirji.


Prof. Emeritus and Senior Consultant Physician and Paleontologist, Jaipur Ex.-Senior Prof. and Head Department of Medicine, SMS, Medical College, Jaipur.

Dean Faculty of Medicine and Pharmaceuticals and Member Syndicate University of Rajasthan, Jaipur.

Senior Prof. and Head Deptt. of Medicine are RNT Medical College, , Udaipur, and Controller, General Hospital and Attached Hospital, Udaipur, Rajasthan.

Senior Prof. and Head Deptt. of Medicine, J. L. N. Medical College, Ajmer and Controller attached Hospitals, Ajmer Rajasthan.

Coronary artery disease means the No.1 Killer disease of men and women all the world over. A brief outline as to the global incidence in general and India in particular specially highlighting rising incidence in younger population and women is of major sinister significance will be drawn.

Epidemiological status have identified a number of traditional and emergency risk factors in CAD and how a modifications of these factors has shown to be effective in both Primary and Secondary prevention.

For a better comprehension a dynamic presentation will be given towards the pathogeneses of CAD including the much dreaded metabolic syndrome (or X-Syndrome). Also how a faulty approach towards the diagnosis and interpreting the coronary artery angiograms without resorting to intra-vascular ultra sonograph (IVUS) especially so in highly suspected and needy cases may be catastrophic. Limitation of angiography will be stressed.

To comprehend a better understanding of the role of life style and dietary style in the Primary and Secondary prevention of CAD important aspects of pharmacologic approach will be briefly touched. This will not only include the 'wonder drug Aspirin', Clopiidogrel and Statins but also touch up the role of integrative medical therapy which is becoming popular every day e.g. Ayurvedic Treatment and other alternative therapies. The trend is being accepted not only in India but in Western countries as well: especially so in Germany where insurance coverage is being also provided to such modes of therapy.

The changing perspective in the life style and dietary regime will be discussed vis a vis the traditional trends practised as per the principles of Jain religion. Myths and realities will be pointed out.

Polarising the stress on Eating the right diet to save one self from the high-tech forms of modem age ailments especially CAD will be briefed including the diocetmy of the dietary items.

A great change even in the Western World from a non vegtarian community to a vegetarian one is noteworthy. This will be discussed through illustration of the crumbling Food Pyramid 1 & 2 and redesigning of the New Healthy Eating Pyramid with Stress on Vegetarianism will be briefed. Briefs from Pal eoliths, Preonpluns and eat more weigh less by Dean Ornish who have strongly advocated on vegetarian dietary regimes on prevention and regression in CAD will prototype the Jain Philosophy. A brief will be needed on the role of antioxidants in from of dietary and medicinal supplements including the role of Co-Enzyme Q 10, and Omega-3-fatty acids.

What are the potential effects of exercise and weight control measure in primary prevention as well towards treatment of established CAD, and how to achieve these effects will be highlighted through various modulation of Pilate, Yoga, other aerobic Heart energizing exercises through illustrations.

Rigid avoidance of smoking-active or passive will be appropriately stressed.

And last but not the least the role of chronic stress in atherogeness and how to cope with stress other than anxiotype / antidepressant medications will be highlighted through relevant illustrations of Yoga and Medication reiterating the axiom.

'When The Mind Aches, The Heart Weeps' and to achieve healthy arteries it is the wellness of Body / Mind is all that mandatory.




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