Acharya Shri Amritchandraji M. S.



Acharya Amritchandra is second only to Kundkundacharya in the galaxy of spiritual saints. It is a matter of regret that we do not know much about this great Acharya of about the 12th century, except whatever is known from his writings.

Always disinterested in fame and other worldly aspirations, Acharya Amritchandra, after writing great treatises says :-

"Words were formed with letters and sentences with words; sentences gave rise to this holy scripture. I have done nothing."

The same feeling has been expressed in Tattvarthasar. Pandit Ashadharji has called him Thakur, which shows that he must have been connected with some high Kshatriya family.

He had complete mastery over Sanskrit language. Both in his prose and poetry, language flows according to feelings and is simple, easily comprehensible and sweet. He was always engrossed in spiritual thinking. Consequently, all his creations are full of spiritualism of a high order.

All his works are in Sanskrit. He wrote prose and poetry both. Amongst his prose writings are his commentaries on the great works of Acharya Kundkund.

1. Samaysar Tika-known as Atmakhyati.
2. Pravachansar Tika-known as Tatparya Dipika.
3. Panchastikaya Tika-known as Samay Vyakhya.
4. Tattvarthasar-Poetic translation of prose sutras of Acharya Umaswami.
5. Purusharthasiddhiupaya-an original work on the life of householders. The nature of violence and non-violence has been very realistically depicted in this work.


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