So Hungry you Could eat a horse? Really?

Do you Know that American Horses are Slaughtered for Export?



Apparently some people are. Each year, thousands of horses are bought at auctions across the United States, packed into trailers with dozens of other confused and frightened horses, driven to slaughterhouses. It is not humane. It isn't euthanasia. It's an ugly, brutal end for a beautiful animal. Many of the horses are bought from unsuspecting families that have no idea that their beloved friend is headed for slaughter. Some have spent their lives providing your entertainment by pulling carriages or racing. Remember that nice horse that stood patiently while your daughter scratched his nose? They aren't all old or sick. Their lives are prematurely and brutally coming to an end. Americans do not need or even use the horse meat. It isn't used in dog food. This meat is sold at a high price in Europe and Japan, where people have a taste for this 'delicacy'. A recent estimate is that over 100,000 American horses being slaughtered in the US and Canada annually. However, none of this has to happen if you take action to prevent it. California has outlawed selling horses for slaughter, the rest of the country can do the same. Slaughter plants are currently operating in the United States and Canada. Tens of thousands of horses are already being transported yearly to Canada. Efforts must be to not only ban horse slaughter in the United States, but also towards preventing the transportation of American horses over US borders for the purpose of slaughter.

Stop The Slaughter :

* Spread the word about horse slaughter.
* Support efforts in your state to oppose horse slaughter. If several states prohibit it, a federal ban would then be possible.
* Don't buy articles made from horse hide, i.e., "Corinthian Leather", clothing and accessories made from "Pony Skin", and brushes and other items made from horse hair.
* Don't support business that send their unwanted horses to slaughter.



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