March 6, 2016 : Nashik: Officials from the Guinness Book of World Records will visit Mangi Tungi and to honour and award Mr. C R Patil the engineer of the 108 ft tall Rishabhdeva statue for doing the world's tallest Jain idol. This impressive statue was carved out of a single rock at the height of 2500 ft in Mangi Tungi. A feat that took the designated committee 20 years to complete. The idol was recently consecrated. Swapnil Dangarikar, Adjuratory officer of Guinness World Records arrived at Mangi Tungi to undertake the finale inspection of the idol and hand over the certificate of the world's tallest Jain idol to its engineer and maker C. R. Patil.

Crafted in 184 sq ft one single rock by 150 artists, the idol entered in the Guinness Book as the 'Statue of Non-Violence'. The weight of the idol is 8,712 tonne, height from the base to the hair is 121 ft while the actual idol is 108 ft. The idol was sculpted under the leadership of Jaipur's well known sculpture trio Surajmal Nahta, Mulchand Nahta and Ashish Nahta. Ganini Pramukh Gyanmati Mataji studied up to ten books from Ardhamagadhhi, Sanskrit, Greek, Kannad, Tamil, Telugu, and Pali languages to take out the actual dimensions of the idol. The length and breadth of each limb of the idol was finalised following the references in Jain Vasunandi literature. The idol is carved in Black Besalt rock known for its toughness as well as capacity to last for thousands of years. At present, the 57 ft tall idol of Jain Teerthankar Bahubali is considered as the tallest Jain idol in the world.
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