All Jains Visiting Delhi should See this Unique Temple, Really Iconic

Temple Holding Panch Kalyanak Maha Mahotsav
from 17th to 25th Feb. 2015

Trilokteerth Dham an superlative Jain Institution at Badagaon, Baghpat, U. P. to provide multi-dimensional services of socio-religious importance to Jain Diaspora. As the name suggests, the principal structure depicts Madhya Lok (On-land), Adholok (Hell) & Urdhavlok (Heaven). Trilokteerth Dham gives presentations through the application of Robotic Science about, how to lead a spiritually better life. Trilokteerth Dham shows how to achieve Salvation by following Samyak Darshan, Samyak Gyan, Samyak Charita. Trilokteerth Dham besides, the Jain idols also holds idols of Lord Rama, his Sons Lav & Kush & Five Pandava temples from the Mahabharatha. For further information, please Click here..................... & For further information, please Click here..........................

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