The holy period of four months "Chaturmas", which is much observed in Jainism has begun. Chaturmas is the period of rainy season in the country and meant for self-purification. All over country Jain Saint reach their Chaturmas destination for next four months. Jain Saints observe their annual 'Rains Retreat' during this period by living in one place during the entire period amidst lay people and giving religious discourses or teaching meditation to the local public. For the Jain Saint, Chaturmas is reserved for preaching, penance, austerities, fasting and religious observances. Jain devotees resolve to observe Chaturmas with vows such as observing silence; abstaining from a favourite food item; having only a single meal in a day or spending time in the company of the holy people. Among the Jains, the period is a suitable time for householders to have an annual renewal of the faith by listening to discourses on dharma, doing meditation, exercising self-control and undergoing penance; and performing charity. One of the most important Jain festivals, Paryushana, falls during this period, which concludes with Forgiveness Day, Kshamavani Diwas, wherein lay people and disciples say Micchami Dukkadam and ask forgiveness from each other. ........... Click here to read further...........

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