There Goes the French fries! Anybody know about the Water Served at McDonalds?

By Dr. Sulekh Jain


Reply from McDonald's : Thank you for taking the time to contact McDonald's with your questions regarding the ingredients in our french fries. For flavor enhancement, McDonald's french fry suppliers use a miniscule amount of beef flavoring as an ingredient in the raw product. The reason beef is not listed as an ingredient is because McDonald's voluntarily (restaurants are not required to list ingredients) follows the "Code of Federal Regulations" (required for packaged goods) for labeling its products. As such, like food labels you would read on packaged goods... the ingredients in "natural flavors" are not broken down. Again, we are sorry if this has caused any confusion.

We hope you have found this information helpful and that we have the opportunity to serve you in the future. Thank you, again, for contacting McDonald's. Home Office Customer Satisfaction Department ref#:665483.



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