Balance is Basic for Health:- By Mr.Chanchal Mal Chordia

Balance is Basic for Health

Mr. Chanchal Mal Chordia


Human body is most complicated and perfect machinery developed by creator having all kinds of machines developed by modern science. It can regulate itself with complete harmony, coordination and cooperation. Whenever this harmony is disturbed due to impurities of soul, mind & body we become ill. Therefore, while treating any patient we have to consider all the parameters of health. By neglecting any one of these & emphising only on body can't provide perfect health. When treating any patient we have to analysis the root cause and attention must be given for removing the same. Whether symptoms are due to result of our evil Karmas, Heredity, Accidents, over medication, wrong treatment taken previously, our bad habits for eating, drinking, thinking, acting and behaving against nature.

Karma plays most important roll in maintaining good health and not in our direct control. We become and get not only what we do in our present life but we have to suffer for our mistakes and abuse done in our previous or past lives also. If anybody indulge in such evil activities knowingly or unknowingly he will be getting punishment for the same in some way or the other. Whatever we think, do, activate similar vibrations will be reflected in our life by law of nature. We should not proud if we don't get the response immediately. Programming of life and quantum of bio-energy provided with any soul depends upon the same. If we disagree to this fact everybody must be born healthy. Therefore, while treating any patient always advise them to indulge in good activities, help and serve others maximum to their capacities, prevent themselves from killing or troubling other living creatures directly or indirectly for individual benefits. We must lead a very cautious life without disturbing surrounding environments.

"Sukh Diya Sukh Hot Hai, Dukh Diya Dukh Hot"
--Jaisa Karoge, Vaisa Hi Phal Milega--

Karma Principles are explained in much details in Karma Granth of Jain religion and everybody who want to lead trouble free happy and healthy life must study and follow their life in such a way so effect of evil Karmas disappear. Attachment and hatred are the causes for the inclusion of Karma on soul & if anybody become above this state he get rid of Karma and become perfectly balanced. There are four variable stages of any action and according to their intensity Karma attach with soul. First is intention, next is determination followed by preparation and lastly implementation.

Therefore sometime even without performing any activity simply with our mode of intention Karma associate with soul. By purifying soul through Meditation, Swadhyay, Tap and minimizing basic biological needs evil Karma disappear and person approaches towards perfect health. This should be the basis for all the treatment. Therefore all Doctors must realise importance of spiritual approach if the patient is to be treated completely.

Another parameters is Mental or Emotional Balance which is the cause of many diseases. Negative emotions like tension, anger, greediness, impatience, evil thought, proud and artificial attitude etc. are also responsible for many diseases. They can be controlled by Meditation and balancing endocrine glands or energy centers of body through Acupressure. Right Thinking & Meditation is a method of alertness to keep organ free from emotional and environmental tensions and toxins. It maintain a smooth and abundant flow of required and balance energy through-out the body.

As far as working of body is concerned, it is a miniature form of Cosmos. Whatever is happening outside in cosmos, similar things are happening inside the body. The law of nature are identical at every level and at all situations. They are exactly matching and can be considered as mirror image of each other. Energy of stars, planets and galaxies nourishes the body and mind.

Human body also emits continuous vibrations accordingly to acts and emotions which produce Aura surrounding body. Cosmos power enters body through this Aura and balances various energy centre of body. By disturbing any balance other balances also disturb and person become ill.

Approach of various treatment should be to bring body back to equilibrium. Color therapy works on the principles of balancing colors of body. Gems balances vibrations of body, Magnet balances magnetic energy of body and similarly other oriental therapies like sound, taste, meditation etc. balances respective elements.

As already explained human body works with full coordination, cooperation and harmony. Each and every part of body is having relation with remaining body. So malfunction in any part will create imbalance in all other parts but this imbalance created is always not the same and reflected out. Some is great enough to create illness while effect of others can be visualized by experience.

Therefore, while treating any patient we have to consider body as a whole. Since any two persons on this universe are exactly identical therefore how two patients can be same. Thus every patient is individual & its treatment can not be same with other patient although primarily declared disease & symptoms looked to be same since root cause of illness are not exactly identical in two persons. Secondly whenever any disease prolonged for more than one week any one of the balances got disturbed among Solar, Navel, Spine, Leg, Neck etc. Therefore, before starting any treatment those balances should be brought to normal by any suitable method otherwise required result could not be got quickly. The modern allopathic approach of treatment is to consider any organ individually. An eye expert overlooks effects of eye with rest of body. Similarly other specialized doctors of ears, teeth, nose etc, emphasis on the treatment of that particular organs only and therefore such treatment are followed by side effects and can't bring body to complete equilibrium. Their work is similar to suppress or remove leaders rather than removing the root or indirect causes. In fact our body is strong enough to fight any disease but when we go on doing negligence's and carry out mistakes after mistakes due to our bad habits of eating, drinking, living, thinking, wearing, behaving and not following law of nature, toxins or unwanted residue remain deposited in one or other part, which restrict the flow of bio-energy inside the body. Any method to remove these toxins and bring out body will regularize flow of bio energy and body comes to equilibrium or balanced conditions which is the good health.

Therefore, while doing treatment through Reflexology in Acupressure we must check all tender points at Palm & Sole of foot which forms the family of projected disease. Although signs of many diseases are not seen. Thus by treating indirect and hidden disease immunity of body is restored and we get very good and quick satisfactory results even in chronicle diseases. By this approach total family of disease is cured and so it is rooted out completely. It is very simple, economical having no side effect & can be done at any place, anywhere and at any time without depending on any doctor or equipment. Everybody can learn and can do such treatment irrespective of age, education and through knowledge of human anatomy of body just like to operate any light or fan switch we need not know who invented electricity? Form where it is coming? What is its voltage, frequency etc. ? Simply by knowing the particular switch anyone can put on fan/light. Similarly, simply, by pressing tender points & removing unwanted toxin/residue deposited at those points on sole of the feet & palm of the hand everybody can cure himself, balance himself and get rid of various disease without much difficulty.

Modern science of treatment works only on body level and don't give due importance to spiritual and mental causes of disease and therefore with this allopathic treatment alone total cure of any disease is impossible.

Important proverbs
1. All diseases are curable but not all patients because they are very much impatience.
2. Health is not a marketable commodity which can be purchased by power of purse.
3. Early to bad & early to rise makes us healthy, wealthy & wise.
4. Control Risk Factors before they control you.
5. More dishes, more diseases, more nourishment, more punishment.
6. Eat to live but don't live to eat.
7. Diet determines your desire, destiny & diseases.
8. Food is your Fate, Future & Fortune.



Author : Mr. Chanchal Mal Chordia, Chordia Bhawan, Jalori Gate, Jodhpur, Rajasthan-342003


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