Maharashtra : Kunthalgiri Tirth

Kunthalgiri Tirth - Maharashtra



Location :   52 Kilometers Away From Usmanabad on The Kudwadilatur Rail Branch of South Central Railway Track. It is 40 Kilometers Away on Bus Rout from Yedshi.

The holy shrine Kunthalgiri, is the place of salvation of the Kulbhooshan and Deshbhooshan Munis. It is believed that two prices of Maharaja Kshemkar and Maharani Vimala while returning from the Ashram after education were fascinated towards their sister in illusion who was sitting in a balcony. When they came to know the reality they felt so disgusted that they renounced the world to become saints. They resorted to deep penance. During the period of penance due to their enemy of former life Agnikumar's upsarg and because of pulling the string of the bow by Ramchandra's he ran away and at the same movement both the Muni obtained Keval Gyan.

The temples of Kulbhushan, Deshubhushan are main among the 7 temples that we reach by climbing 250 steps over the 175 feet high Kunthalgiri Hill. The three feet high stone idols of each of the Muni and foot symbols are placed in them. Apart from them, there are big idols of Bhagwan Seemandhar Swami on the top. In the Shantinath temple the black idol of Bhagwan Shantinath is placed. In the left side chamber at the entrance gate Acharya Shantisagar took Sallekhana and he obtained Samadhi here only. His foot symbols are placed here.

A 17 ½ feet high mountain Khadgasan idol of Bahubali established in 1952. in the temple of Adinath the idol of Adinath and Ajitnath in Ajitnath temple are placed. In front of these temples the idols established in Samvat 2001 are engraved on the 53 feet high Maanstambha and also the idols of twenty Tirthankaras of Videh Khetra are engraved on the nearby pillars. At foot hill. There exist the temples of Neminath, Mahaveer, Ratnatraya and Samvasharan temples is quite artistic.

Aavas : There Is A Kulbhushan Deshbhushan Brahmacharyashram Celebrated As Gurukul And Several Dharamshalas.




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