Maharashtra : Kachner Tirth

Kachner Tirth - Maharashtra



Location : It is situated 35 Kilometers away from Aurangabad on Beed Road.

This region is famous as "Chintamani Parashwanath Atishaya". It is said that about 250 years ago a cow of a Villager Sampatrao used to spray milk at the door of a Bhooyar in the evening daily. The grandmother of Sampatrao would become surprised to see it. One day he saw a dream early in the morning indicating that an idol  lies under the Bhooyar. When the place was excavated people found the Saptaphani idol of Parashwanath which they installed in a vedic of a yard and started worshipping it. But after some years this idol was broken at body parts. People decided to submerge the idol in water. But again a person lachhiram kasliwal saw the idol in his dream. It suggested him how the idol would be repaired. To this the idol was put into a pit in a closed room. then they sang hymns incessantly in worship of lord. Consequently the door of the room miraculously got opened automatically and people had the darshan of the repaired idol. It was again placed in the Vedi. This region was then developed gradually. Even today this idol has miraculous power which the devotees pray here for fulfillment of their desires.




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