Maharashtra : Jintoor Nemgiri Tirth

Jintoor Nemgiri Tirth - Maharashtra



Location : 41 Kilometers away form Kachiguda-Manmad branch line of Parbhani station. The main temple is 4 Kilometers away.

On the peak of Sahyadri mountain range - "Nemgiri". It is called Neminath Digamber Jain Atishyaya region. In a cave temple, in the surroundings the 2 Meters high idol of Neminath is placed. The idol of Parshwanath is held on a rock piece. It is evident form the engraving that Kumd Chandra had established the idol. There is an old temple of Rajulmati. It is 4 Kilometers away from Jintoor. There were 14 temples in Jintoor and out of these temples some of temples were demolished  by an Afghan chieftain Kandri, who erected mosques over them. At present (1) Sahu Mandir and (2) Mahaveer Mandir  are popularly known having 1024 idols in them.




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