Maharashtra : Ajanta Tirth, Aurangabad

Ajanta Tirth - Aurangabad, Maharashtra



Compiled By : Mr. S. K. Bhandari


Location : 106 Kilometers away from Aurangabad only 59 Kilometers from Jalgaon.

It is mentioned that some Jain caves are excavated in Ajanta in Aurangabad. Early in the 19th century a party of British Officers discovered these Buddha Caves. Out of 30 caves some are Jain Caves. The sculpture in cave no 26 is elaborate and beautiful highlights here are the panel of the temptation of Buddha and the Parinirvana depiction the breaking of earthly ties and Buddhas passing into Nirvana a wonderful recumbent figure amid people in attitudes of mourning and sorrow. There are a total of 29 caves at Ajanta. None of the twenty nine caves is related to Jains. All the caves are Buddha caves.




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