Maharashtra : Ellora Tirth, Aurangabad

Ellora Tirth - Aurangabad, Maharashtra



Ellora, Khulatabad, Aurangabad, Maharashtra-431102
Phone : 02437-244590 & 8605934056

Location : 26 Kilometers away from Aurangabad.

There are thirty four caves in Ellora. Out of these, five caves from cave No 30 to 34 are Jain caves. Also caves from number 13 to 29 are Hindu caves apart from first twelve Buddhist caves. This is an unusual site, where all three major religion's temple caves are excavated side by side. The Jain caves date back to 11th to 13th centuries. The five Jain caves have statues of twenty two sitting Tirthankars. An image of Mahavir is enshrined in the sanctuary. The main caves for special attention are cave number 32 and 34. These caves are worth seeing. The cave number 32 is the finest excavation of the Jain caves. There is a monolithic shrine in the centre. A double-storyed temple is excavated in the rear part of the court. The sculptures deserving special attention in the cave are Ambika, Lord Mahavir, Gomteshwara (son of Adinath) and Parshvanath. These caves are one of the finest example of ancient Jain art and sculpture.




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