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Athishaya Sri Kshethra Simhanagadde - Karnataka



In many places in India Jain Temples, Monuments, sculptures, Inscriptions are found. These places are protected, developed, restored to certain extent. In Karnataka Simhanagadde (Lions Field) is a Jain Religious Centre. Sri Jwalamalini Devi is the main deity here. Simhanagadde is in Chickmagalur District is also called Narasimharaja Pura which is a taluk headquarter. Sri Jwalamalini Devi Statue was brought from Gerusoppe, a village on the banks of river Sharavathi of Uttara Kannada district. Around 13th Century period the Saluva Dynasty ruled in Gerusoppe, which was their kingdom too. Lineage belongs to Jain religion. Queen Chennabhaivadevi was named "Kalumenasina Rani" (Pepper Queen) as she was so much rich by selling pepper in this region. At that time one Sri Samanthabhadra Swamy was a scholar, guide and a devotee of Sri Jwalamalini Devi.

After the decline of the dynasty, Jain temples were ruined. Surprisingly Sri Samanthabhadra had a dream. Devi whispered to him to carry the statue towards a distant place where Lion and Cow were found playing, grazing together without any enemity. Thus Sri Samanathabhadra Swamy took the statue of Devi and installed a smaller idol in the Basadi. Then he carried in a bullock cart as Devi ordered. He saw the Lion and Cow and calve's grazing happily in the green nature's field. The place was known - 'Yedahalli' in Narasimharaja Pura ! The swamy installed Sri Jwalamalini Devi statue there itself as he was told by Devi in the dream. The statue is very much impressive. Thousands of devotees gather here seeking blessings.

Other Jain Idols worshipped here in Simhanagadde are Lord Sri Chandraprabha Thirthankara, Lord Sri Shanthinatha Thirthankara, Lord Sri 108 Parshwantha Thirthankara, Lord Sri Bahubali, Sri Brahmadeva, Sri Kshethrapala - Separate respective temples built in the holy place.

Quiet, calm, peaceful, religious atmosphere, with green environmental background is the eye catching feature of this Kshethra.

Sri Shanthinatha Basadi : Very old Bhagavan Sri Shanthinatha Thirthankara Basadi is now newly built and new pink granite idol of Sri Shanthinatha Swamy was installed the sculpture is in Kayostarga posture, Yaksha Garuda, Yakshi Mahamanasi besides.

A 64 ft. height attractive Manastambha is erected. Sri Kallappa Avade, Ex. Minister of Maharashtra Government assisted to erect the manastambha on the occasion of the Maharathosthava in 1991.

In the upstairs of this Mandir, a beautiful idol of Bhagavan Sri Shanthinatha Thirthankara which is said to be a thousand years of old is being worshipped. As per the oldest inscription, found on the side of this idol.

Sri Chandraprabha Basadi : Bhagavan Sri Chandraprabha Thirthankara cut in white marble in the sitting posture is worshipped in this newly constructed Basadi. On either side Yaksha, Sri Vijaya (shama) and Yakshi Sri Jwalamalini are also installed.

Lord Sri 108 Parshvanatha Thirthankara Basadi : This temple was built in 1978 where Sri 108 Parshvanatha Swami statue is installed. This stone idol was being brought from a remote village Kanive. Nithya pooja is performed throughout the year. A stone inscription is also restored within the Basadi. Yaksha, Sri Dharanendra and Yakshi Sri Padmavathi are found beside Sri 108 Parshvanatha Swamy.

Lord Sri Bahubali Swamy : In the course of renovation the old Jain Mutt was also built newly. Then here in Sri Jain Mutt, Lord Sri Bahubali Swamy statue is installed. Panchakalyan was held in 1987. "Samavasarana" is also displayed in the upstairs of the Mutt. Swadhyaya Mandir, Brahmacharya Ashrama are found in this Mutt headed by the Swamiji.

Sri Brahmadeva Mandira : Ancient Sri Brahmadeva idol is worshipped in Sri Brahmadeva Mandir. This is just opposite to Shanthinatha Basadi. Panchakajjaya pooja, Abhisheka, Kumkuma Seva are being offered by the devotees.

Sri Kshethrapala Basadi : A newly built small mandir is situated in the centre of Simhanagadde Sri Kshethra the stone idol of Sri Kshetrapala is being worshipped daily. Abhisheka, Panchakajjaya Pooja, Kumkuma seva and other poojas are being offered by the devotees. Other than these, pooja's in the respective Basadis, religious Aradhanas like laksha Hoovina (Flowers) Pooja, Vehicle Pooja, Vritha Swikara, Naamakarana, Chawala, Tulabhara Seva are being performed on auspicious days by the devotees according their will and wish.

Sri Jwalamalini Devi : This is a well sculptured stone idol in sitting position. In older days the temple was small. Sri Jwalamalini Devi Basadi has been renovated with the guidance of Dr. D. Veerendra Heggade, Dharmadikari of Sri Kshethra Dharmasthala, Panchakalyana was performed with religious rituals on 24-02-1994.

Simhanagadde is a sacred place of Sri Jwalamalini and on account of Sri Jwalamalini is famous for granting boons to the house-holders and helping them to fulfil their desires. "There is a system of praying for prasadam i.e., the statue is decorated with the flowers and people who start the new enterprise ask the Devi's permission. After the pooja and arathi, if a flower falls from the right side, the project work is bound to succeed" narrates writer Sri A. N. Chandrakeerthy in a booklet. Every year on the next to Moola Nakshatra (Phalguna Masa) Car Festival-Maha Rathotsava is being celebrated. Religious discourses and cultural entertainments are also a part of the festival.

Daily Jina Bhajans, special poojas, like Panchamri­thabhisheka, Kshirabhisheka, Mahanaivedya Pooja, Varaha Pooja, Udi Pooja, Presenting Sarees, Special Alankara Pooja are being performed by the devotees who visit the centre. In the upstairs Lord Sri Chandranatha Swamy idol is installed. The renovated Sri Jwalamalini Devi Basadi Devotees pray for the betterment of Life. She is the "Adhistana Devi" of this place blessing the devotees.

Developments - Renovations - Protection : His Holiness "Shanthi Bushan" Swasthi Sri Lakshmisena Bhattaraka Swamiji has taken up the development works since March 16, 1976 onwards after his Pattabhisheka.

  • Bhagavan Sri 108 Parshawantha Swamy statue was shifted to Simhanagadde from Kanive and Panchakalyan was performed in 1978.

  • Bhagavan Sri Shantinatha Swamy Temple was renovated and a new idol donated by Dr. (Smt.) Makarandaji of Mangalore was installed in 1982.

  • Bhagavan Sri Chandranath Swamy temple was newly constructed and new statue was installed, Panchakalyan was performed in 1985.

  • Sri Kshethrapal mandir was newly constructed.

  • Publication of "Samanthabhadra Vani" a Kannada monthly.

  • Bhagavan Sri Bahubali Swamy statue was installed in 1987 in Sri Jain Mutt.

  • "Sri Samanthabhadra Jnana Peetha" was founded for the benefit of 50 poor students and scholars to study for research purpose.

  • "Jeevan Sandhya" old age boarding was established (Vriddhashrama).

  • Sri Jwalamalini Education Trust was founded under this trust - Sri Jwalamalini Balika High School in Simhanagadde, a Primary English Medium School, in Jayapura runs.

  • Vaishali Bhavan, Bhattaraka Bhavan, Vatsalya, Aishwarya, Yathrinivas, 4 other guest houses accommodating more than 500 yathris was built with the generous co-operation of donors, society and the government.

  • "Maha Dwaram" was constructed in front of the entrance of the mandir which gives a new look.

  • In 1994 with the co-operation of Smt. Ratnamma Heggade, Dr. D. Veerendra Heggade, Dharmadikari, Sri Kshetra Dharmasthala - Sri Jwalamalini Devi Mandir was newly built and followed by installation ceremony. Bhagavan Sri Chandranatha Swamy Panchakalyan was also celebrated.

  • Desilting of old water tank and rejuvenating the tank bund.

  • "Bala Brahmacharyaashram" is providing over 50 students with free boarding and education.

  • 'Sri Mahaveera Bhavan' with all amenities - a public hall is constructed for purposes Le. marriages, cultural activities, hosting various functions.

  • 64 ft. 'Manasthamba' was erected.

Future plans and projects to be implemented

  • 'Jalamandir' with the idols of 24 Thirthankaras is under construction, costing Rs. 15 lakhs.

  • 'Sri Mahaveera Vana'- Garden - sacred flowers, fruit­bearing trees will be planted.

  • In Chickmagalur district headquarters a community hall costing Rs. 35 lakhs will be constructed.

  • Ayurveda Free Clinic with Hospital and Yoga Kendra shortly to be opened.

  • Few more guest houses to be built.

  • Publications of religious books, holding national symposium.




Address : Sri Simhanagadde, Basthi Mutt, Narasimharajapur, Karnataka-577134, Phone : 0826-620609


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