Maharashtra : Shri Thana Tirth - Bh. Munisurvat Swami

Munisuvrat Swami Tirth - Maharashtra



Address : Shri Adinaththa Shri Munisuvrat Swami Jain Derasar Pedhi, Tebhinaka, Thana, Maharashtra-400601

Brief Description : It is in the Thana city near Mumbai. This temple is at a distance of 24 Kilometers from Mumbai on the Mumbai - Poone Railway Line and at a distance of one and a half Kilometers from the Thana railway stations. Bus service and private vehicles are available. Board and lodging provisions are there near the temple. There is an ayambilshala. Food is given to pilgrims for using on the journey. This temple is managed by Shri Adinaththa Shri Munisuvrat Swami Jain Derasar Pedhi, Tebhinaka, Thana, Maharashtra-400601, India. In front of this chief temple, there is a temple of Bhagawan Adinath.

History : This city is chiefly related to King Shripal (the meditator on Navapada). Since this is a historical city, it is believed that there were many temples in it. Happiness or unhappiness of man is caused by his karma, Mayanasundari, the daughter of King Prajacal of Ujjain firmly believed this. She had great faith in Navapada and propitiated it. She was married to King Shripal who was suffering from leucoderma. By virtue of propotiation of the Navapada, they pacified the disease and attained prosperity. he attained many achievements, went to the Champa city and established his rule. The rasa (circular dence accompanies by singing) of King Shripal and Mayanasundari (the rasa of propitiating Navapadaji) is famous even today. The idol was installed in this temple on the fifth day of the bright half of the month of Magh in the year 2005 of the vikram era. This temple is also called the Konkan Shetrunjaya Navapada temple.

Works of art and Sculpture : The gate of the splendid temple, looks beautiful with artistic sculpture of carvings of the elephants standing on two legs. The coloured painting of the important incidents of the lives of King Samprati, King Vikramaditya and King Shripal, are splendidly and beautifully carved on wooden strips in the temple. They are very fascinating and delightful.




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