Karnataka : Varanga Jain Tirth - Bh. Paraswanath

Jain Tirth - Bh. Paraswanath

Varanga, Karnataka



Varanga is a Small Village located in the Udupi District of Karnataka at a distance of 25 Kms from Karkala and 43 Kms from Moodabidri, on the way from Karkala to Agumbe. It is an ancient seat of a Jain Mutt and is a Branch of the Humcha Jain Monastery.

An inscription belonging to the 13th century, found in the premises of the Neminatha Basadi, mentions about the existence of a Jain mutt here even before the installation of that inscription. The Jain mutt is said to have belonged to the Mula Kundakundanvaya Kranurgana’s Mesha Pashana Gachha tradition. Further references in the inscription give us enough proof that this Jain mutt belonged to a period of around 8th and 9th century CE.

There are three Jain temples at Varanga, viz. Chandranath Basadi (or Matada Basadi), Neminatha Basadi and Kere Basadi (or Chaturmukh Basadi).




Address : Sri Varang Jain Math.Varang, South Canara, Karnataka - 574104, Tele : 08253-59408, 59431


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