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Jain Tirth - Bh. Mahavir

New Jersey, USA



A Church building was purchased on April 21, 1989 and with some interior changes by concerted efforts of dedicated members of the Sangh, the opening ceremony of the temple took place on the 7th May, 1989. Mr. Devendrabhai Peer, Director of Jain Meditation International Centre in New York received the honour of taking a Lord Mahavira image into the temple and performed the First Pooja in this Newly Established Jain Temple. From time to time several additions and alterations have been made in the temple building. The temple building has provided a place to serve cultural, social, humanitarian and spiritual needs of the Jain Community. Temple opening Vidhi was performed by Gurudev Shree Chitrabhanuji.




Address : 3401 Cooper Avenue, Pennsauken, New Jersey - 08109, Tele : (201) 226-2539, (201) 228-4355


Mail to : Ahimsa Foundation