Maharashtra : Mangi - Tungi Tirth - Bh. Mahaveer

Mangi - Tungi Tirth - Maharashtra



Location : To reach this place one has to go to Satana 88 Kilometers away from Nasik and then to Tarabad, 27 Kilometers and finally at a distance of 10 Kilometers. We can reach this place from Dhulia also.

Muni Ram, Hanuman, Neel and other 99 crores Munis attained Moksha (salvation) at Tungi Giri. The Lingakar (Shishnakar) Mangi-Tungi peaks of Galna mountain ranges is a pious place according to Jain Faith. About 2300 years ago the last Srut Kevali Bhadrabahu arrived here with his congregation. Even today the idol of Acharya Bhadrabahu is placed here. It is said the Lord Shrikrishna was cremated here by his elder brother Balram and thereafter he renounced the world and became Sanyasi.

The Mangi Summit is 4143 feet and Tungi Summit is 4366 feet above the sea level and there are about 3000 steps to reach both the summits. On the way up the Mangi summit we come across two caves of Siddha and Buddha. In the Siddha cave there exist 3 feet high Uttanga Padmasan idol of Tirthankara - some of the  idols have been engraved on the walls. There is a  water pool (Kunda) nearby.

Ahead of these caves after passing through a stone gate the path divides for Mangi and Tungi summits. There are nine caves at Mangi Giri. In the first cave temple there exists 3' 6'' feet high idol of Bhagwan Mahaveer Swami. Apart from this there are several stone idols and some are engraved on rocks. On one of the rocks Chaubisi has been engraved. The cave no. 6 is considerably large. The while idol of Adinath is placed in it. Several statues of Tirthankaras and sages in Padmasan and Khadgasan posture have been engraved on the inner walls.

The idols of many Tirthankaras and sages could be  seen in the caves No. 7, 8 and 9. From the cave No. 9 the Parikrama Path (going round the main shrine), 24 Tirthankaras are engraved and one can see the foot symbols of Aryika Sita. It is said Sitaji had performed penance here.

Two chief caves are famous on Tungi Giri. In the first cave the 3' 3'' feet high idol of Bhagwan Chandraprabhu is placed. There are idols engraved in Padmasan and Khadgasan posture on the walls. In the second cave the idol of the Lord Ram and on his both sides the idols of Lord Nal, Neel and Gawaksha are placed. The idols of Gava and Tirthankaras are engraved on  the walls outside the Cave. In the village at the foothill there are several Jain temples founded 200 years ago. It was a seat of scholars and Bhattarakas. Besides there are several Dharamshalas  and three Jain temples. In the Parshwanath Jain  temple the idol of Chief deity Parshwanath with 9 hoods, congregation hall  and other idols. In the Adinath temple apart from the idol of the chief deity Adinath there are several other idols and in the temple of Parshwanath idol of chief deity Parshwanath with hoods, congregation hall and other idols and also foot symbols of Acharya Shanti Sagarji. In the third Parshwanath Jain temple the idol of Parshwanath with 11 hoods over head and other idols are placed.

Avas : Dharamshala available.




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