Maharashtra : Nawagarh Tirth - Bh. Neminath

Nawagarh Tirth - Maharashtra


Location : 5 Kilometers from Meer Khel station on Manmad-Kachiguda Rail line in Parbhani district.

It is famous as Shri Neminath digambar Jain Atishaya region. Formerly it was 1 Kilometers away from Ukhalad on Poorna river. After 150 years when the temple was in ruins, a new temple was founded in a vast yard of the temple.

Legend : It is said that in the toe of the idol of the chief deity Bhagwan Neminath, there was a paras stone. An old priest used to offer Worship to Bhagwan and earned his humble living by using the same paras stone. He would touch an iron needle to Parasmani daily and and it being changed into gold, he sold it and thus earned his living. When the time of his death drew near he called his son and said, 'Son' A Parasmani is studded in the right toe of the idol of Bhagwan Neminath. I touch one iron needle daily to it and change into gold and rear you all up. You too make gold only, that fulfills your requirement and earn your living and keep in the service of Bhagwan. You will never have troubles. Remember that do not resort to greediness.

Afetr some tim ethe old man died. His son followed his instructions and earned his living by making required gold. In course of time he was caught in the evil of greed. He fell into evil activities. A musilim ruler tried to take out the Parasmani, there was a terrible explosion and the Mani got detached from the toe of the idol and fell into Poorna river. People tried to search it but it couldnot be traced.



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