Maharashtra : Kumdhojgiri Tirth - Bh. Jagvalabh Parshwanath

Kumbhojgiri Tirth - Maharashtra



Address : Kumbhojgiri Tirth, Bahubali, Kolhapur, Maharashtra-416113
Phone : 0230-584445, 0230-584456

Location :  It is situated on Kolhapur-Miraj Rail Route. Kumboj is 6 Kilometers away from Hataklangada.  It is 27 Kilometers away from Kolhapur.

It is famous as Kumbhoj Bahubali just 2 Kilometer away from Kumbhoj city. According to legend 250 years ago Muni Shri Bahubali performed pence here. the local farmer Jain women used to give him food. Because of the impact of his penance the wild animals like tigers used to sit near him Many legends about his miraculous mantras and tantras are heard since ages. The foot symbols of the deity are there.

On the hill an artistic 6 feet high Satishaya idol of Bhagwan Bahubali was founded in Khak Samvat 1079. There are ancient jin bimbs on the hill. Now there exists a newly constructed temple. At the foothill about 50 steps up a grand idol of Bhagwan Bahubali, which was founded in 1963 A. D. is placed on a 28 feet high promontory. Apart from these several models of temples of pilgrimage are worth seeing.

On the inspiration of Acharya Samantabhadhadraji the foot symbols of Muni and Ariyika Mother, New temple Ratnatrya temple Mann stambha were constructed. Also the Bahubali Brahmacharyashram Gurukul High School Technical School Dining Hall dharamshala and other institutions are run by the trust.

There is an ancient temple and a cave at a distance of 3/4 Kilometers from this place where Muni Shantisagar and other Munis performed their penance.

Aavas :    There is arrangement for the stay of the pilgrims.



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