Maharashtra : Gajpantha Tirth - Bh. Parshwanath and Mahavir

Gajpantha Tirth - Maharashtra



Masrul, Nasik, Maharashtra-422 004
Phone : 0253-530215


Location : It Is Situated Near Mahasrool Village 6 Kilometers. From Nasik City.

It has been the holy place of pilgrimage since thousands of year which has been place of Nirwana of seven Balbhadra and eight crore Muni. 435 steps lead to reach Gajpantha on the 400 feet high hill. At the left side of gate of the summit there seven foot symbols of Balbhadras. There are two newly constructed Jain temples. There are three kayotserga (A standing posture of meditation) 4 ½ feet high idols in a cave. There idols of Bhagwan parshwanath in other cave. Apart from the idols of Adinath and Mahaveer, there are foot symbols of several Balbhadras. In the same cave temple, there are three idols of Zachary, Pathway and sash on the other rock-slabs. The Maharaja Chambray of My sore had got it overhauled 900 years ago. In the vicinity of the 14 and 15 miles area there exist several Join idols and temples and of Bagman Manager is situated in the cave No. 11.

There are two caves on a hill in Anjaneri area which is 16 kms. From Gajpantha. In one of the caves, the 3 feet high Padmasan (croos legged) idols of Bhagwan Mallinath is engraved and 5 idols are engraved on the other. In the foothill temple the shell inscription of 12th century had a five feet idol of a Tirthankara which is also worshipped by Hindus. At the foothill of Gajpantha the 100 years old idol of Bhagwan Mahaveer is installed. A Jain temple is rampart. Apart from several idols of 7 Balbhadras and Gajkumars. There is a garden at the foothill. There exists a Samadhi of the Bhattarka (pontiff), Kshemendrakirti of Nagar seat. The idol of Bhagwan parwhwanath is considered atishayamai (accomplished with additional-efficiency). The deviotees come here for darshan and get their coveted desired fulfilled. There is a temple in the Dharamshala in Nasik city.

Devlali  : In the twin city of Nasik, there is an artistic temple at Devlali. The idols of twenty-four Tirthandaras, Congregation temple Hall, Saraswati temple and a huge statue of Late Kunji Swami is in the chowk. Avas facilities are available on.




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