Get Rid of Flesh Food:- How?

How To Get Rid of Flesh-Food?


If after learning from this book the pros and cons of vetetarian and no vegetarian food and the diseases which flesh-food invites, some brothers and sisters wish to renounce flesh food but hesitate due to compulsions of family, society and of their taste-buds, should in our opinion try the following.

1. Convert your wish of renouncing flesh-food into a strong will by reading the book again and again, because "where there is a will there is a way".
2. Let your mind have no doubt that renouncing flesh-food is a noble act of social reform and family welfare. It is an act of uplift and moving towards modernity. A person who makes use of new research and discoveries, is only called modern. Have pride being a vegetarian.
3. It should be clearly understood that renouncing flesh-food does, cause any weakness. Rather, it promotes health and saves from many dreaded diseases like cancer, etc.
4. Some flesh-food looking dishes prepared from vegetarian product may be taken initially to satisfy the taste-buds. Then graduall switch over to normal vegetarian dishes.
5. Display in your kitchen and dining room some slogan like "Flesh Food Breeds Diseases". This will help remembering the harms flesh-food by all family members.
6. Every time flesh-food comes before you, think of the tortures on the animals and ponder if that may be of the meat of some near an dear of your earlier incarnation.
7. If inspite of above efforts you fail to renounce flesh-food immediately then act on a package programme of limited duration ,say seven weeks. Have only vegetarian food for one day in the first week and for two days in the second week and so on increase a vegetarian food day every week and be a complete vegetarian after seven weeks.
8. Renouncing flesh-food causes no adverse effect; just a strong will is needed. Several persons who used to take flesh-food daily, renounced it at one stretch. You too can do it. Make up your mind and get rid of this disasterous food just today.



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