Spirituality, Jainism & Medicine



By Dr. Tushar Shah, M.S., M.Ch.
(Cardio-Vascular and Thoracic Surgeon)
(S. A. L. Hospital)

Modern medicine is based on evidence-evidence for effectiveness, evidence for cause. and effect relationship. It is as much unfortunate as surprising to observe that the role and contribution of spirituality in health and disease was neither taken seriously nor studied scientifically till very recently. However, now that the relationship of spirituality and medicine has been extensively and scientifically studied by several researchers across the globe, we have a long awaited proof for the strong, essential and irrefutable bond between the two. Principles of Jain religion go along and even beyond the conventionally studied spirituality. It is a common knowledge that adherence to Jainism paves way for purity of health and thought. It not only helps in prevention of disease but also contributes towards rapid recovery from major and minor ailments. The onus bringing scientific proof for this common knowledge through well studied, focused and in depth research rests entirely on us. It is time that we make a beginning.

This mind is truly an intrinsic wealth. Both religious and irreligious activities depend on it. It is also the root of bliss and sorrow. Thus you must well protect this mind which is like an exquisite jewel.

There is no difference between a being and his conscience, therefore the entity who protects his conscience, in reality is protecting his own soul.

Filled with friendly, benevolent, balanced (impartial) and happy feelings, when the mind is engrossed in obtaining Moksha, then you experience supreme happiness.



Source : Jain Doctors' International Conference-2004
Shree Mahavir Jain Aradhana Kendra- Koba
Gandhinagar, Gujarat


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