Prevention of Cancer By Jainism


By Dr. M. M. Begani
Consultant Surgeon, Bombay Hospital


Cancer is a deadly disease which is affecting millions of people allover the world. 'According to Who study, today, 4.9 million people are killed by tobacco. By year-2020, Tobacco will kill 1 0 million people each year.' Cancer of. the colon is due to red meat ingestion. Cancer in modern times can be reduce to a great extent by Jainism way of life. To avoidance of smoking, tobacco, alcohol, other measures. Use of vegetarian diet, disciplined life, controlling Raga, Dwesha, Moh, Maya by simple life. Yoga Pranayamand meditation. Following principles of Jainism in day to day life cancer can be prevented and minimized. Here lord mahavira had given importance to body and soul both. Soul is more important to purified. Billions of dollars are spent to cancer research allover the world.

Whether it is your dear relative or enemy-betrayer, when your mind considers all of them alike, then, you experience supreme happiness.

Whether the subject matter of the five senses is good or bad, whether they cause happiness or sorrow, when the mind feels uniformly for all of these, then, you experience supreme happiness.

In spite of seeing the grace and beautiful body of women, when there is no perversion of the mind, then you experience supreme happiness.

Whether it is the person applying gosheersh chandan on your body or someone who peals of the skin of your body with a sharp instrument (randha), when you maintain equilibrium in your mind over both of these, then, you experience supreme happiness.



Source : Jain Doctors' International Conference-2004
Shree Mahavir Jain Aradhana Kendra - Koba
Gandhinagar, Gujarat


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