Preksha Mediation & Health


By Dr. G. L. Jain

Preksha Meditation
Can Help You :

* Reduce Physical Stress & Strengthen the Immune System
* Improve Mental & Emotional Health
* Develop Personality, Change Harmful Habits and Treat Phobias
* Enhance Mental Abilities, Concentration & Operational Efficiency
* Enhance Creativity & Develop Career Skills
* Increase Will Power, Achieve Goals & much more

Body Level Benefits :
* Bodily Cells are revitalized
* Digestion is facilitated
* Respiration becomes more efficient
* Circulation & Blood quality is improved

Highly Effective In Management of Diseases Like
Blood Pressure, Heart Diseases, Diabetes, Mental Disorders, Bodily Movements.

We are social beings. Our human relations are exposed in several ways: As Family relations: Mother-Father, Husband-Wife, Brother-Sister and as Social relations: House owner-tenant, Seller-Customer, Employer-employee, Teacher-student etc. For one reason or another, we influence each other. When the relation is good, the man is happy and when the relation is bad, same man is unhappy.

Why is it that a person who behaves well also sometimes behaves wickedly? Why is the same person sometimes virtuous and sometimes vicious? Why does one’s mood, thought and behaviour change so often? Why does self control fail to make one a good man in spite of his earnest desire? Why can’t the behavioural pattern of a man be changed by vows and resolutions?

It is because of expressions of our macro body in the form of bodily movement, speech and mental functions. These expressions are controlled by the Neuro-Endocrine Systems. The hormones are key players which in turn are influenced by radiation emitting out of our micro-bodies, Taijas Sarira, Karman Sarira, Conscious Mind and Psyche or Soul, the experience that we gain from parents, teachers, friends, surroundings and other factors like circumstances, colour, economy etc. we are exposed to.

Every human being, including you, likes to live a happy and peaceful life. How? Through change. By transformation in inner consciousness. By becoming righteous person. By living a better life i.e. a life with less anger, less fear, less greed and less deceit. The ultimate goal is Purification of our Psyche (Mind).

Preksha Meditation is one of the simple and effective ways of achieving this goal. We acquire total psychical goodness by eradicating all evils from one’s thought, speech and action. The attempt is made to regulate release of hormones from endocrine glands through concentration on 13 Psychic Centers located at different parts of the body. After practicing, the feeling is not just of joy or pleasure, but of happiness.

The benefits are on Physical, Mental, Emotional and Spiritual Level and are of permanent nature.

See Yourself Through Yourself

For `Perception & Realization of the Self ‘ practice Preksha Meditation

Preksha Meditation Does Not Believe In Miracles

Who Can Practice : Preksha Meditation can be practiced by anybody: Young or Aged; Male or Female; Working or House wife; Student or Teacher; Employee or Employer; Parent or Child; an Individual or a Family; Club Members or Community; Professional like Administrator, Advocate, Engineer, Doctor, Industrialist; Journalist without any distinction of caste, colour, country and creed.

When & Where To Practice : As such there is no restriction on time or place for practicing Preksha Meditation. However, it is advisable to avoid practicing for a couple of hours after taking meals and places devoid of clean and fresh air and having sound pollution.

How To Practice : Preksha Meditation is a very simple technique. It is practiced in a scientific and systematic manner. Initially, few sittings are needed with a trainer. Later, one can practice on his own. Simple Literature and Audio-cassettes are also available for this purpose. After learning some basics like: Yogic Exercises, Sleeping/Sitting/ Standing postures; Hand Postures; Proper Breathing; Sounds etc. few steps are practiced in a sequential manner. The practice includes :

* Total relaxation (Kayotsarg)
* Internal Trip (Antaryatra)
* Perception of Breathing (Swas Preksha)
* Perception of Body (Sarira Preksha)
* Perception of Psychic Centers (Chatanya Kendra Preksha)
* Perception of Psychic Colours (Leshya Dhyan)
* Auto-suggestion (Bhavana)
* Contemplation (Anupreksha)

In fact, it is a practice of seeing ourselves : Here `seeing’ is not an external vision but perceiving the subtle internal and innate phenomena of consciousness. This way, we try to control the root cause of problems by perceiving carefully and profoundly.

Since perception is of various activities going on in an around the body, a reasonable knowledge of body systems (Respiratory, Circulatory, Digestive, Endocrine, Nervous etc.) is to provide to the practitioner.

So decide today and start practicing Preksha Meditation

Head Ache - Neck Ache - Back Ache - Muscle Cramp

Pain is a universal experience : The degree to which you feel pain and how you react to it, however, are the results of your own biological, psychological and cultural makeup. It results from a series of exchanges involving three major components, your peripheral nerves, spinal cord and brain.

* Headache : Mainly due to uneasy & tense mind and migraine. Fatigue, overwork, anxiety & nervous strain; Bright light, noise, tiredness, prolonged fasting, hormonal changes in women; alcohol, emotional upsets. Prolonged use of eyes, excitement. Worsen on stooping, jarring the head, blowing the nose.
* Neckache : Extraordinarily engineering marvel. Injuries, postural wrongs, mental ills, stresses and strains, aging and host of infections and inflammations.
* Backache : Muscle strain or spasm, sprains of ligaments, joint problems, slipped disk, lifting heavy furniture or doing yard work.

Practice :

Activity Head Ache Neck Ache Back Ache
Asan Pawanmuktasan, Sarvangasan, Sasankasan Neck Exercises, Bhujangasan, Salabhasan, Ustrasan, Pashchimottanasan Spinal Cord Exercises, Uttanpadasan, Bhujangasan, Makrasan, Matsyasan
Pranayam Alternate Nostril Right Nostril Right Nostril
Preksha White colour on forehead Neck and Pain over there Back & Pain over there
Anupreksha My Headache is diminishing My Neck is Getting well My backache is diminishing
Jap Om Rhan Rhan
Tap Limited food & spices Limited Oily food & sugar Limited Oily food & sugar


Points To Take Care & Follow

Headache :
* Never sleep with your head under the covers. Sleep sufficiently. Too much of anything is bad. Avoid late nights.
* Stay out of stuffy smoke-filled rooms. Keep your room well ventilated. Breath deeply. Seek quiet. Pace Yourself.
* Go easy, Learn to relax. Develop a sense of humor. Don’t get upset with changing weather
* Eat on time. Try Vitamin B6. Do not make painkiller a habit. Instead wear headband
* Protect your eyes from bright light (TV, Sun, Video Display), Avoid rush hour traffic.

Neck Pain :
* Do not place the neck in a gawky, ostrich like stretched or tilted one side. Relaxation is 10 letter magic word.
* Take a break, rest is a wonderful balm. Take the easy option. Do Yogi Exercises for neck regularly.
* Wrap a hot towel around your neck. Step into a hot shower. During winder keep the neck warm. Cover it adequately.

Back Ache :
* Do not place the neck in a gawky, ostrich like stretched or tilted one side. Relaxation is 10 letter magic word.
* Take a break, rest is a wonderful balm. Take the easy option. Do Yogi Exercises for neck regularly.
* Wrap a hot towel around your neck. Step into a hot shower. During winder keep the neck warm. Cover it adequately.

Muscle Cramps :
* Take half a litre of water add a teaspoon of salt, a pinch of backing soda an lemon to taste. Use this for children on their return from an exhausting game. Take Vitamin E and Magnesium.
* Do not step under a cold shower. Rub for relief and stretch for success.

Regular Walking (Briskly) Is Simplest And Most Effective Remedy

Stress, Low & High Blood Pressure

Stress :
* Wear and tear, that our body experiences. Due to adjustment; physicsl and emotional effects creating Positive or Negative feelings.
* Distrust, Rejection, Anger, Depression leading to health problems like Headache; Upset Stomach; Rashes; Insomnia; Ulcers; High B.P.; Heart Disease and stroke. Deadlines; Competitions; Confrontations; Frustrations.
* Both in happy and sorrow moments : Birth of a child or death of loved ones, Job Promotion; New Relationship.

Blood Pressure : Pressure (in mm Hg) exerted by blood on Arteries.
* Normal range : Systolic : 110-140 & Diastolic 70-90 (varies by 10-20)
* During sleeping, it reduces approx. by 20 mm Hg.

Low Blood Pressure :
* Systolic < 90; Diastolic : < 60
* Dizziness (lightheadedness); Blurry Vision; Lack of Concentration; Nausea or upset Stomach; Muscle Weakness; Rapid Shallow Breathing ; Fainting; Rapid Weak Pulse; Cold & Clammy Skin; Fatigue; Headache
* Causes : Heart Diseases : Weakened Heart contraction; Liver diseases; Antihypertensives; Pregnancy; Hypothyroidism; Diabetes, Low Blood Sugar; Heat Stroke; Anemia.
* Loss of blood; Low or high Body Temperature; Severe allergic reaction; Severe dehydration & Severe blood infection are fatal
* Heavy Menstrual Period; unusually hot weather; mild dehydration; too much in sun, hot tub or Sauna and Sudden emotional shock are not fatal.

High Blood Pressure : Usually called `Silent Killer’.
* Systolic > 135; Diastolic : > 85
* Fatigue; confusion; Nausea or upset Stomach; Vision changes; Excessive sweating; Paleness of skin; Ringing or buzzing in ears; Nose bleeds; Anxiety or nervousness; Palpitation; Impotence; Headache, Dizziness
* Narrowing of arteries. Cause unknown.
* Strokes & Heart Attacks., hardened arteries; Kidney Failure, Loss of vision.

Practice :


Points To Take Care & Follow

Stress Specific :

* Become aware of stressors and
* Reduce the intensity of your emotional reaction.
* Learn to moderate your physical reactions.
* Recognize what you can change. Try to change them only.
* Build your physical and emotional reserves.
* Look upon problems as opportunities to overcome adversity and to gain new experience
* Avoid caffeine, sugar, fatty foods, sodium, alcohol, nicotine.

High B. P. Specific :
* During night hours, if you need to pass urine, you should drink one glass of water before urinating (This is essential for those who are on medication for High B.P.
* Quit Smoking. No Alcohol, Loose Weight. Take low-salt diet (2 gm per day). Take reasonable amount of Vitamin B, C & E & minerals like Potassium, Magnesium & Calcium.
* Avoid Sauna/Steam Bath, Steam rooms, Heated Whirlpools, Hot tubs, very warmly heated swimming pools.
* If used (max for 10 minutes), sit down for some time before standing up.
* Reduce Eye-drops; Cold, Flu, Sinus and Cough medications; Birth control pills. Antihistamines.

Low B. P. Specific :
* Change position gradually; Sit before standing and stand before walking.
* Avoid going long periods without food or drink and too much time in sun.
* Fatigue and heavy meals. But increased salt and fluid intake is Ok.
* Take reasonably quantity of liquid, juices but in parts.
* Avoid seeing blood, hearing bad news.

Regular Walking (Briskly) Is Simplest And Most Effective Remedy

Digestive System : Gas, Acidity & Constipation

Gas : No one in the world is spared from this problem.
* Sources : 20-60% swallowed air. Fermentation action of intestinal bacteria and small quantity as diffusion from blood
* Oxygen, Carbon Dioxide, Nitrogen, Hydrogen & Methane are 99 %.
* Hydrogen Sulfide & Ammonia are 1 % but have very bad smell. Not liked by nose.
* Escapes through rectum (normally 10-12 times daily), Belch & Burp are common.
* Factors : What and how we eat; bacteria that we harbor; stresses we live; the clothes we wear.

Acidity : Exceedingly common problem.
* Experience a burning sensation behind the breastbone; Uneasiness to neck and arms; Salty fluid, sour gastric contents or the bitter, green-yellow bile quietly comes up into the mouth.
* It is due Hydrochloric Acid wends its way in reverse i.e. from Stomach to Food-pipe.
* Factors : Esophageal sphincter, Overly distended, irritated food-pipe etc.

Constipation : We are nation of bowel-conscious people.
Difficulty or unusual straining to achieve defecation, often with an unduly hard or an incomplete evacuation of the stool.
* It is perfectly normal to move the bowel just once every two-three days.
* Factors : Insufficient roughage; partaking of too much refined food; lack of exercise and sedentary living habits; tight time schedules; confinement to bed during a long illness; not heeding to nature’s call and suppression of defecatory urges just because it is inconvenient; inadequate allotment of time for full clearance of bowels; prolonged travel.

Practice :


Gas Problem


Asan Vajrasan, Pawanmuktasan & Tadasan Kayotsarg, Uttanpadasan, Vajrasan after food
Pranayam Alternate Nostril ( 9 frequencies : 2 times);
At the time of eating, breath thru right nostril
Shitali, Mahapran Dhwani, Bhramari
Preksha Centre of Bio-electricity (Blue Colour) White colour on whole body
Anupreksha My Digestive System is improving, my gas problem is diminishing. My acidity is balancing
Jap Ran (10 minutes) Van
Tap Avoid Starch and oily food Avoid Tea, Sugar, Acidic and Oily food


Points To Take Care & Follow : 

* Take 4 glasses of water immediately after getting up without rinsing the mouth.
* Avoid drinking water during eating (water to be taken before or after one hour of consuming any food). After eating you can sip water 2-3 just times to rinse food pipe.
* Take light breakfast, lunch and dinner.
* To reduce intake :
* take limited items in plate, consume them and than only go for next items. only eat items that you like but slowly
* take about 70 % of your capacity, consider that you may have to eat somewhere else also.
* have a schedule and eat around that time only.
A* lways eat your food leisurely. Do not make loud slurping noises. Stay up after a meal (no lying down, bending).
* Take minimum or no salt (maximum 6 gm a day). Avoid spraying salt. Wear easy-fitting clothes.
* Skip Pan Masala, Supari, Chewing Gum, Cigarettes and Tobacco juice. Say `No’ to sizzlers. Avoid hot fluids and drink them slowly.Swear off Fizzy drinks. Lay off dairy products.
* Gas : Avoid or consume less quantity of : high Protein diet; Cabbage, Beans, Brussels, Banana, Radish, Onion, Cauliflower, Sprout, Apples.
* Acidity : Avoid Coffee, Tea, Colas, Chocolate, Peppermint and Spearmint; Hot food like Citrus food and Tomato products with chili, peppers and other spicy products.
* Constipation : Take plenty of fluids; Eat a lot more fibre; Ease stress; Have a hearty laugh; Never strain for your way out of constipation.

Regular Walking (Briskly) Is Simplest And Most Effective Remedy

Heart Weakness

Heart :
* Miracle Pump; 90-100 Years; 3700 million times; 300 million litres; Size : 15 x 10 cm; Weight : 300 - 350 gm
* Chest Median Plane; 2/3 on left side; Surrounded by Lungs; Protected by Rib Cage (Thoracic cavity); Hollow muscular organ; Four Chambered : (Right Atrium; Right Ventricle; Left Atrium; Left Ventricle; 72 beats per minute; Muscular walls contract & relax;
* Self initiated rhythm; No nervous or chemical stimulation; 70 ml (Stroke volume)/5 litres per minute; Total blood is circulated in one minute; Increase in output even five times (With exercise or in need); Supply : Liver (24 %);Heart 5 %, Brain 15-17 %

Heart Problems :
Heart Attack :
Blockage in heart’s arteries (clot or fatty deposits in coronary arteries) . Signals : Uncomfortable Pressure, fullness, squeezing or chest pain; Pain (persisting for 5-10 minutes) spreading to shoulders, neck or arms; Chest discomfort with lightheadedness; fainting; sweating; nausea or shortness of breath. Anxiety, nervousness and/ or cold; sweaty skin; Paleness; Increased/irregular heart rate.
Silent Heart Attacks : Progressive narrowing of arteries (atherosclerosis); Plaques of Cholesterol develop.
Angina : Heart muscle does not get enough blood so deficiency of oxygen to heart muscles.

* About 50 % of people die of their first heart attack so try to decrease your risk.
* Initially women are at low risk but after menopause the risk of heart attack is more or less similar to that in men.

Practice :

Asan  Kayotsarg, Hradayastambhasan; Chest Yogic Exercises; Prana Mudra
Pranayam Dirga Swas; Alternate nostrils (No holding)
Preksha Blood vessels of Lungs and Heart
Anupreksha Fearlessness & forbearance. My heart is becoming healthy.
Jap Rhin (10 minutes) pointing at Heart & Chest
Tap Limit intake of Ghee & Mineral containing food


Points To Take Care & Follow :
* Eat a healthy diet to prevent or reduce high blood pressure and high blood cholesterol and maintain a healthy weight.
* Max weight : (Height in meters)2 x 25; (5’ = 58 kg; 5’2” = 62; 5’4”= 66 kg; 5’6” = 70 kg; 5’8” = 74 kg)
* Keep your blood sugar controlled.
* Reduce physical exertion, strenuous activity or stressful job. Take immediate rest if chest pain starts during exertion. Avoid or limit Anger; Arguing and Worrying. Avoid eating large meals and rich foods.
* To reduce cholesterol : Stop smoking (if you smoke), Lose weight (if overweight); Get more aerobic exercise.
* Take Vitamins: Vitamin A (Yellow, orange, red and dark green vegetable and fruits: Carrots, spinach, broccoli, yam, peaches or apricots, dairy products); Vitamin B 6 : Whole grains, soybeans, bananas, peanuts, avocados, watermelon. Vitamin C : Oranges, grapes, lemons, strawberries, potatoes, tomatoes and brussels sprouts. Vitamin E: Almonds, avocados, vegetable oils, walnuts and wheat germ.
* Take Calcium, Folic Acid & Magnesium : Dairy products, green leafy vegetables, beans, peas, bread, cereals, flour, pasta and rice.
* Fruits and Vegetables are ideally eaten raw or only lightly cooked whereas other items have to be cooked adequately
* Limit intake of all these items. Higher intake may create other problems.
* Soy products, onion and garlics are also helpful in reducing cholesterol.

Take Care of Your Heart.

Regular But Slow Walking is Advised


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