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Bhagwan Shri Dharmanath Jains Temple
Cochin,  Kerala

Our Temple was constructed in Vikram Samvat 1960 ( 1904 A. D. ) and the main idol installed is of Bhagwan Shri Dharmanath, the 19th Jain Tirthankar. History says that since centuries Jains from Kutch & Saurastra ( Gijarat ) used to come to Cochin, Kozhikode and Alleppey mainly fo Business activities. They settled and brought their family members since about 150 to 200 years.

Smt. Hirubai Jivraj Dhanji constructed Shri Dharmanath Jinalay in memory of her husband Sri Jivraj Dhanji and gifted to The Jain Sangh without any pre-condition in 1904 A.D. At present Sri Cochin Swetamber Murtikpujak Jain Sangh runs the administration through its elected Board of Trustees.

During Vikram Samvat 1989 ( 1933 A. D. ) Sri Chandraprabhu Jinalay was constructed by Seth Poptlal Goverdhan Lalan in memory of Seth Goverdhan Gopalji Lalan and Seth Hathibhai Gopalji Lalan was very popular in the princely state of Cochin and was closely connected with the Cochin Maharaja. He was also a member of the then Cochin State and as a mark of respect to his memory a road in mattancherry is name as "Lalan Road". At this juncture we too salute both the personalities for giving us a very rich heritage to preserve and cherish.

Today there are about 350 families of Jain origin settled in cochin engaged in various Business and Service activities. As we are all pure vegerarian and " AHIMSA" is our parmo dharma ( Main Duty ) we follow the path of " LIVE AND LET LIVE" ( JIYO AUR JINDEDO ). Other main characteristic of Jainism is "KSHAMA". Knowingly or unknowingly if any one hurts any one else by whatever way, we ask for KSHAMA and we give KSHAMA. "KSHAMA VIRASYA BHUSHANAM" is greatly emphasized in the teachings of Jainism.

Cochin Jain community has a unique virtue of achieving Unity among different sections and subsections of Jainism. We are one. Mainly we believe in the teachings of Jainism. We are one. Mainly we believe in Jain Unity and celebrate almost all the major events like PARYUSHANPARVA ( An Eight days religious festival ) jointly. We also mingle freely with other relations with all. All types of people visit our temple and appreciate our culture and traditions.

Mattancherry a small suburb of Cochin Corporation is called " MINI INDIA" since almost all the religions are represented in this 5 km. area and they all co-exist very peacefully and harmoniously. Jains happily and whole heartedly participate in the cultural activities of Kerala and cherish the same. We pray to our GOD to bless the people of Kerala in general and Cochin in particular with more peace and prosperity. At the completion of 100 years of our temple COCHIN will be known as Jain Tirth and will have more visitors too.

Jainism believes in equality of man and does not recognize caste, creed and unsociability. It is open to all. The measure of a man is not his high or low birth, but his acquisition of good and noble virtues. Jainism is universal in character and this is amply manifested by the Navkar Maha Mantra which is supposed to be the greatest of all mantras, and which is a tool for generating within the hearts of the aspirants, the three divine qualities of AHIMSA ( Non-violence ), TAPA ( Penance ) and SAYYAM ( Self-control ). The distinguishing feature of this mantra is that it is not addressed to any particular individual or Gold. It offers salutation and adoration to all those sanctified and enlightened souls, whether Jain or Non-Jains.

Many people believe that Lord Mahavir was the founder of Jainism. This is not correct. Loard Mahavir was the funder of Jainism. This is not correct. Loard Mahavir renownes as the apostle of AHIMSA and harbinger of peace was the 24th Tirthankar. The First Tirthankar was Lord RUSHABHDEV. Jainism was funded thousands. Of years earlier thean Lord Mahavir. Jainism puts the greatest emphasis on AHIMSA. According to Jainism there are 84 Lakhs different types of lives in the world. It precludes violence in thought and intention as well as in actual fact towards all living being. It is applicable to nation as well as individuals and also flora and fauna. AHIMSA PARAMO DHAMAH is the greatest law. Greatemphasis has also been laid on the theory of Karma in Jainism. "as you sow, so you reap". Mahatma Gandhi Father of Nation got inspired by Srimad Rajchandraji, a Jain merchant-cum-philosopher who explained to him in depth the immeasurable strength of Ahimsa and also the theory of trusteeship. Only with this powerful tool of AHIMSA he was able to make our country free from the British rule.

One most relevant novel feature of Jainism is the great emphasis laid on the spirit of forgiving and forgetting. " KSHAMA VIRASYA BHUSHANAM" MEANS THE QUALITY OF FORGIVING AND FORGETTING IS THE MAIN ORNAMENT OF Vir Purush ( Victorious Human being ). Hatred and violence cannot be eradicated by counter-violence or counter-hatred, but only by love and spirit of forgetting and forgiving. Herein lies the path to universal brotherhood and peace. Equally important is the tenet of Aparigragha Vrata i.e. non-attachement or non possession. The quintessence of this vow is that virtue lies not in indulgence but in abstinence and that poverty anywhere is a threat to prosperity everywhere.

The Most novel feature of Jainism is perhaps its unique system of logic which is known as "ANEKANTAWADA" or " SYADWADA" or the theory of relativity. This theory asserts that truth can be many faceted and its aim is the realization of total truth. This inculcates the virtue of tolerance for the other man's point of view. If this theory is practiced sincerely, much of the conflict arising from misunderstanding and misapprehension can be removed.

A serious study of the Jainism and its philosophy will convince anyone that more than a religion, it is a way of life based on principales formulated after the deep, devoted and minutest study of the laws of science and the laws of health and that these principles although formulated thousands of years earlier retain to the same degree their applicability and relevance even today. The emphasis on vegetarianism is very scientifically explained. In the words of Dr. L. P. Tessitori, " Jainism is of very high order. It's important teachings are based upon science. The more the scientific knowledge advances the more the Jain teachings will be proved."

The great dramatist. G. B. Shah was much influenced and impressed by Jain code of conduct that he said that if at all he had to be born again he would like to be born in a Jain family. " What will be the condition of the Indian Sanskrit literature, if the contributions of the Jains are removed?" The more I study the Jain literature the more happy and wonderstruck I am writes Dr. Hertal of Germany.

"Non-violence, Self control and Austerities constitute the highest truth."
"One who has conquered himself has conquered everything else in the world."
"Life is dear to every living being. Therefore Harm No Living Being."
"One becomes great by his Action and not by his Birth."
"One who wants real happiness should fight against the enemies in his own self."
Gautamswami once asked Lord Mahavir " Who is more blessed one who serves a sick person or one who has your Drshan? LOARD MAHAVIR REPLIED " HE WHO SERVES A SICK PERSON IS BLEASSED WITH MY DARSHAN THE SIGHT OF SOMEONE WHO ELEVATES YOU SPIRITUALLY" The Jain religion has given so much importance to the service of the sick and this has been confirmed by Lord Mahavir himself. " One who believes in the Principles of Jainism is a TRUE JAIN. He need not be born in Jain Family

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