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Dr. Neelam Jain

Dr. Neelam Jain is a well known name in the Jain literary and social circles. Being a prolific writer is not her only virtue, she is a good editor, Hindi poet and an energetic and capable organizer of large all India literary and social seminars and other religious and social events. She has been honored at many occasions from various platforms.

Dr. Neelam Jain has written 15 books, large and small, some of which have been well recognized. She is chief editor of Jain Mahiladarsh (published for last 75 years ), Joint Editor - Kund-Kund VaniI. honorary Editor Jagmagdeep Jyoti, Research Officer - Sahitya Bharati Shodh Sansthan.

She is conveyor, Bharatvarshiya Digambar Jain Mahila Parishad, acting Chair person of Akhil Bharatiya Mathila sangathan, patron of mahila jain milan, Vaishali and former convener of Ladies wing of Bharatiya Jain Milan ( 1980-83 ). She is Executive Committee Member, Digambar Jain Mahasamiti (U. P.) and on the board of advisors of Sarak Jyoti, Arhat Vachan, Jain Pradip (journals ).

She has edited 11 souvenirs, which have been brought out at various important events.

Dr. Neelam Jain has been convener of Akhil Bharatiya Mahila Sammelan ( Hastinapur, Meerut, Ayodhya, Saharanpur, Delhi, Sravanabelgola ) Jain Vigyan Rashtriya Sangosthi (Saharanpur ), Akhil Bhartiya Patrakar Sammelan ( Saharanpur, Badagaon, Deoband ), Akhil Bharatiya Shakahar Sammelan ( Saharanpur, Delhi, Tijara ), Akhil Bharatiya Sarak Vidwat Sangosthi ( Delhi, Sahanpur ), Akhil Bharatiya Mahila Kavya Gosthi ( Hastinapur, Sravanabelgola ), Shivshala Sahitya Sangosthi ( Haridwar ), Akhil Bharatiya Digamber Jain Mahasabha Adhiveshan(Shahpur).

She has keen interest in organizing tree plantation, polio treatment, blood donation, vegetarianism and other social service camps.

Her 75 research papers have been published in various national - international journals. A free-lance writer, she has contributed over 1000 articles to newspapers periodicals and souvenirs, many of which have earned her awards.

Dr. Neelam Jain has received Rama Devi, Laxmi Narain Award and Acharya Vidya Sagar Award ( both for literature), Chandmal Saraogi Gauhati Award( journalism), George Bernad Shaw Memorial Honour ( Vegetarianism ). She has been decorated with the titles of Sahitya-Sri, Sahitya Shiromani, Mahila-Ratna, Mahila-Gaurav. She has received Mahaveer Award from Jain Vidya Sanshan, Jaipur.

She actively participates in the activities of various literary, religious and social institutions of the country and has been felicitated more than 100 times at different platforms for her literary and organizational capabilities and devoted social service. She has read her research papers at university level research seminars. She appears on radio and TV for talks and interviews.

Dr. Neelam Jain is presently actively working for overall development of tribal people, particularly believing in non-violence, especially the sarak community living in Bengal, Bihar and Orissa. Her report on sarak community has appeared on TV.


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