Food Items To Be Avoided By Jains


A list of Food items to be avoided by all Jains is given herein below.Mostly Jains do not avoid all of the above, while Flesh, Poison and Earth are obviously shunned by all. Many Jains are also keen to avoid Alcohol and anything which is grown underground (such as potatoes, carrots, onions, etc.) since they involve the unnecessary death of the whole plant and the disruption of many Jivas, both visible and microscopic, that dwell in soil. Monks and nuns, however, must take great care to avoid every item on the list. During times of penance, and especially during the annual observance of Paryushana, laypersons are also enjoined to shun each one of them, completely.

1. Bhumikand (tubers)
2. Green Haldar (turmeric)
3. Green Ginger
4. Suran
5. Vajra
6. Green Kachuro
7. Shatavari Creepers
8. Virali Creepers
9. Kunver Pathu
10. Cactus
11. Galo
12. Garlic
13. Bambo Karela
14. Carrot
15. Lini (Bhaji)
16. Lodhak
17. Garmar
18. Kisalaya (sprouts)
19. Khirsua
20. Theg
21. Green moth (not referring to an insect!)
22. Bark of the Lun tree
23. Kholida
24. Amrit Creeper
25. Five parts of the radish (mula)
26. Fungi, includes Yeast.
27. Vatthula bhaji
28. Sprouted pulses
29. Palak bhaji
30. Suar amali
31. Unripe amali
32. Potato, ratalu, pindalu
33. Dvidal (Pulses which produce no oil) i.e. mustard seeds, all kathor, peas etc., cannot be eaten with yoghurt.
34. Gram flour
35. Chalit Rasa (decayed or stale items)
36. Many-seeded vegetables
37. Eggplant (Brinjal)
38. "Unknown" fruits
39. Pods of the Banyan tree
40. Pods of the Umbara
41. Pods of the Pipal tree
42. Pods of Plux
43. Ananta-kaya (literally "infinite bodies")
44. Vinegar



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