No Eggs Are "Vegetarian"


Eggs are of two kinds - those which can hatch out into young ones and those which can not. Hens can lay eggs in their younger days even without coming into physical contact with the cocks. These eggs are comparable only to menstrual flow among women. women expel the menstrual matter every month, hens lay eggs periodically. These eggs are an explosion of unwanted matter from the hen's uterus. To make more money out of these eggs, commercial promoters are now describing them as vegetarian eggs, ahinsak eggs, and other misleading names but these am obviously not vegetable products. They emerge from within an animal's body. Vegetable foods are the product of the earth interacting with sun, water, air and other elements while no eggs are born of the earth. Both kinds of eggs are laid by the hen and the chemical composition is also the same. If at all a distinction has to be made, such eggs can be called immature, dead or still-born, but not vegetarian by any stretch of imagination. In any case, both types of eggs have same harmful effects.

Here is how the hens are atrociously treated to obtain such eggs in larger quantities for quick commercial gains. What cruel methods are used, how the hens are kept in horried conditions to make the poultry-farming business more lucrative? The tortuous ways in which the hens are made to lay eggs and this horror and torture encapsulated in the eggs enters the belly and then the blood stream of those who eat them.

The eggs laid by the hens are not laid in the natural course, nor by their own volition. Rather, they are given hormones and injections of egg formulations which make them lay eggs continuously. As soon as the eggs emerge, they are put into an incubator so that chicks can hatch out within 18 days instead of natural 21 days.

As soon as the chicken emerges from the egg, the males and female chicks are separated. The females are fed a special type of diet to hasten their maturity, they are kept constantly awake through out day and night under artificial bright light. This is done to make them eat more and more so that they may start laying eggs soon. Now these are kept in small cages instead of the natural ground and earth. So many hens are crowded in the cages that they cannot even flutter their wings. In the tense crowd, they peck at each other, get wounded, become irritated and suffer tortures. As soon as these hens lay eggs these eggs roll out of a grader net and the hens are deprived of the instinctive satisfaction of brooding over the eggs. This is done because a hen which does not sit on the egg lays another egg quickly. In this way these hens remain confined in these cages for their lives. Their limbs become immobile due to lack of exercise. In order to obtain more eggs than they would have laid in the normal manner, the hens are fed with special diet containing dry fish. When their eggs-laying capacity diminishes, these are sent to the slaughter houses.

How can eggs extracted in this manner be called vegetarian?



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